Engrish is not easy

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  1. There's also slagboom (slagbaum in german and russian), being a boom barrier
  2. Which made Festen so nice to watch, because of that language
  3. 1 big room
    full of bad bitches
  4. And wat is Festen?
  5. English is a language riddled with inconsistencies. It's like a Goth trying to speak French while being raped by a Norman. (Edit: not pretty)

    Maybe that's part of why it's so flexible and rich. The vocabulary is simply unrivalled quantity-wise.

    For example, the noun fest (dunno if festen is plural or a verb or both in Danish)... Party, celebration, feast, jubilee, fête, festival, spree, fair, revel, fest and many more. Taking into account all sorts of slang, patois and archaic words that can be considered part of the English language, one could end up with a hundred synonyms for the word.

    There are better examples, this is just from the top of my head.
  6. tumblr_lybgg0ksSB1qhh5q3o1_400.png

    Fake edit: I'm amazed I was able to find that image and then upload it here just using my phone
  7. You should be able to catch pokémon with your phone
  8. And this is why all futurologists are doomed to fail
  9. A Danish movie
  10. I used to think lil Debbie was cute
  11. what happened
  12. Kreayshawn > lol Debbie. Plus she has nudes

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