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Discussion in '2006 Alfa Romeo Diva Concept' started by YoungJae, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Just the front. The back looks nice if you ask me, but the front looks like an Alfa Romeo cross with an Enzo. Which is an insult technically.
  2. yup I agree totally. Maybe they just wanted to have an F1 looking car and thats the best they could achieve.
  3. when i first saw that front end, i thought they also were to start looking at their 30's-60's designs for ideas.
  4. maybe u r right, but the difference is that i like it
  5. I see more Tipo 33 Stradale in it than anything else honestly.
  6. technically you are an idiot with NO knowledge whatsoever on Ferrari and Alfa history.
  7. Or technically you are an overly flamboyant mother#$%#er that over reacts to comments that you don't agree with and do nothing more than sit in your worn down leather chair in front of a computer for 17 hours a day since you have nothing better to do at your old age. Shut the #$%# up and get a life. I merely made a comment on the appearance and you react worse than a #%$got talking about roses and daisies. Grow the #$%# up, #%!@. I talk on resemblance, not on any #$%#ing history between Ferrari and Alfa. Yes, I don't know much on their history besides the fact that Enzo Ferrari used to work for Alfa before he founded his own company. Yes, I hate Ferraris since they are way over-priced and over-rated. Do I care what you think? No. So take two pills of Nytol and get your ass to bed.
  8. instead of going bezerk, you might want to point out the Enzo resemblences instead, because I fail to see them.
  9. hahaha I just love indi trolls
  10. The Enzo was looking for an F1 look in its front end with that large nose. I believe this car is also looking for that F1 look in the front. Because they got the same inspiration for design, they ended up looking similar. Despite this, I must say between the two this is definetly better looking, and in my opinion, just screams Italian Supercar unlike any Italian Supercar out there today. Other than the Pagani ofcourse...
  11. NOR do I care if you think ferraris are "way over-priced and over-rated". So take two glasses of methanol...
  12. The Enzo was looking for aerodynamic efficiency. And with aerodnamic efficiency inevitably follows a look that resembles that of an F1 car.
  13. seriously, it's like the Matrix, a whole new dimension in the forums, full of disorder, it's awesome.
  14. truthness
  16. I can see the similarity.I do hope the make it though, just change the name.Then again with that name I'm sure every chick will want one.
  17. lol
  18. Me too
  19. Me too

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