Enzo 'Ring lap video

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  2. Saw it yesterday, amazing video. I'm hoping they will do individual episodes for other cars as well, especially CCX.
  3. daaaaayum! cant wait to see the cgt...although i fear it may be slowest.
  4. quite a bit of understeer.
    still, awesome video.
  5. Thanks for the link, the Enzo finally got to show its not just some aging exotic that can't keep up with the times. The Scuderia would have been left in the dust. The quality of these supercar movies is awesome too.
  6. Absolutely awesome. Nice of them to show how a wide angle view gives the speed a more realistic feel.
  7. Good quality vid. Definitely will be checking on them to see what's next.
  8. I hope they poast the video of the Koenigsegg crashing into the wall
  9. as far as I know:

  10. As far as I know is that is Porsche getting owned by Italy
  11. Yawn.
  12. damn good driver! very nice
  13. I'd like to see the CCX vid as well, even though it was running on some #$%#ed up settings
  14. It's hard not to have #$%#ed up settings on a car that comes fully #$%#ed up from the factory.
  15. That's the beauty of a track focused car, everything is adjustable. I can't wait for a proper test and a new record that K'segg is planning to set at the 'Ring.
  16. You can't adjust the shit out of that Koenigsegg. It'll always be there.
  17. The Enzo was on Bridgestone RE050s?
  18. ugh
  19. any idea when the rest of the cars will be tested/posted?
  20. you forgot Japan and the US too
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  23. Koenigsegg got owned by all.

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