Enzo vs FXX: only the looks

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Erica Ferrari, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. FXX is better looking, but they both are ugly in my opinion.
  2. you were born in what city in Brazil again? sorry if you already told me

  3. OMG ... my boyfriend is here lying in my bed rigt now and im reading this.
  4. Definitely Enzo
  5. Rio de Janeiro
  6. Well Personally i think they are both ugly but being forced to choose i'd say Enzo
  7. dump him.
  8. How come they did not put light covers on the FXX?
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  10. Enzo for sure.
  11. is that a yes?
  12. Sorry for my ignorance, but what do you mean with dump?
  13. The normal Enzo despite I am not a ferrari fan.
  14. By dump he means break up with him
  15. I can't. I mean, I don't want to broke up.
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  17. omg i choose Erica over both them!!!!!
  18. Enzo has cleaner lines.
  19. White Enzo with FXX wheels.
  20. Well... sorry
  21. Fxx, its pretty badass.
  22. fxx all over, the front has beeter head lights, and the position of the exaughst pipes is sick as well...

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