Enzo will smoke the McLaren F1

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    It depends where you're racing. On Nardo... the McLaren and easy win. Around Nurburgring or a similar circuit and the Enzo will hand the McLaren its @$$.
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    Why compare them when they aren't made for the same purpose? I think most Mclaren-fans like the whole package about the F1, not just the nice numbers.
    But yeah, the Enzo would probably kill this car around the track, since thats what the Enzo is made to do, why don't look at it this way; what if the brand new super-ultra-ferrari-car DIDN'T beat this old car? I think beating a car as old as this should be the _least_ to expect from Enzo.

    Don't get me wrong though, i love both cars, they're just different.
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    I am sure the Enzo could beat this car in any race track. Please don`t cry all the McLaren F1 fans.

    enzo wud lose the f1 goes 20 mph faster
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    You could but shouldn't compare the F1 and Enzo, its just not to be done. The Enzo is track orientated whilst McLaren built the car around shocking performance but with a great element of practicality that the Enzo does not have. Obviously the more practical there is going to have to be some performance prices to pay.
    A more closer comparison is the GT or LM Vs. The Enzo. In this case even though the LM and GT are the F1 with its stunning practicality they are, in the case of the GT very leanient towards the track and in the LMs case slightly in favour of the track.
    The Enzo Vs LM, it is extremely likely the LM would surpass the Enzo, by a bit of a margin but not that great.
    The Enzo Vs. GT, the GT would romp the Enzo, theres no way around it. I think out of all the McLarens the GT is closest to the concept of the Enzo (a road car that is very likely, so its better to compare them). In this case as I have stated the GT out performs the Enzo.

    So sorry to the one that made the original statement, it's false.
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    The Mclaren can beat the Enzo in any and all performance catagories. Its also a lot cooler looking. The Enzo is , blah, ugly.
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    May be so, but the McLaren F1 will kill an Enzo in any and all performance.
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    exactly. give me one legitemate reason y the ferrari enzo costs what it does aside from hype. I think a car should sell for luxury, looks, & most importantly, performance. Looks, of course, are a matter of opinion, so my opinion definately differs from that of the enzo's designers. The enzo's performance figures roughly match that of the saleen s7 despite costing almost 2x as much. People try to sell enzos million $$ on ebay! [btw: the stats of the saleen s7 are highly underrated on this website] & if u dint dthink thats an acurate comparison, the veyron costs just as much, yet is faster in just about every aspect [& looks alot better at the same time]. as far as luxury, id hafta actually ride in the car [witch i can tell u is definately NOT gonna happen]. Overall, i think ezos are overrated due to hyping the name.
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    Of all those cars, the McLAREN still costs the most, but it also is the nicest looking, feeling, and fastest no doubt.
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    Yeah, this one motor show in tukwilla. Some rich guy had an F1, he brought it up from cali., and showed it on the spinnig platform thingy. They talked about it and those are so sweet.
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    No, it won't. The F1 was not designed to be the car-to-end-all-cars as far as track performance goes. Hell, it only pulls .86 g on a skidpad. The F1 is supposed to be the best road car ever, which I think it does supremely well. However, if I was looking for a track car that I could drive around town, I'd take the Enzo.
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    These are all Road & Track stats, so if you think they're false take it up with them. The Enzo pulls a 1.01 g on the skidpad, as compared to the F1's .86. I do not know what the LM or GTR can do, but I'm sure it's much higher than .86. According to R & T the Enzo does not break out very easily, they said the rear remained firmly planted on the asphalt throughout their testing (which is supported by a slalom speed of 73 mph, compared to the F1's 64.5). Obviously, I also prefer the F1 in all its forms over the Enzo, but between the two (not the LM, just the regular F1), the Enzo is the better performer on race day.
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    Concidering that the F1 is a decade old Ferrari should be able to beat it by now.
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    HAHAHA those IDIOTS make me laugh...
  14. The enzo's top speed is only 217 and the Mclaren F1 goes all the way up to 240 MPH. You have to be stupid to think that ferrari can smoke the most expensive and the fastest production car ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    theres a video on google video from top gear where they show that all the old supercars beat the new ones and they raced a f1 agaisnt an enzo and the enzo got destroyed but the enzo is better arround the track. and the jaguar supercar i foget the name but which is made out of aluminon beat the zonda.
    heres the link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7597336953345176378&q=top+gear
  16. keep dreaming dude...you can't even compare the two cars! the mclaren was produced in 3 different versions (F1,GTR,LM).the enzo is one. so,if u want to compare the enzo to a mclaren, it would be either the LM or the GTR (they are both tuned for racetrack). furthermore, the mclaren did all that in 1994....without steering support, without ceramic brakes, without hydraulic-assisted brake pads etc. all that 12 years ago!! ferrari could only dream of that back then. so...don't even bother comparing the mclaren to ANY car. it's simply unique....
  17. Enzo is a nice car, but the F1 is the best supercar ever in my opinion.
  18. first of all the mclaren has old technology if they made a new mclaren with todays technology it would kill the enzo so shut the f up before i slap u back to south africa
  19. 2 things to say, unless you read about the way that the suspension geometry is setup for the McLaren F1, then you will never understand that it in fact handles much, much better than the figures say it does. Two, the car is so light that with all the power it has, it slips in roadholding, meaning that they need to tap the power down and not use as much throttle or use a higher gear, which is what they did in third gear (BTW, that was the Ameritech version they tested, which still had the same problem, and that's why slalom was so poor, cause the Ameritech really fooked up a lot of things to legalize it in America). I have read the book containing details regarding the McLaren's suspension and chassis (it's online, forgot where, talking about how they used a NSX to test its setup, lol). Power steering was available, ceramic brakes were available, abs was available, etc, yet the purity of the design was retained because it was for the street. And aluminum brakes were used in Le Mans, too, at the time for feel (without abs). Martin Brundle said that the McLaren has a perfect oversteer/understeer tendency. If you don't know this already, read up before saying that the Enzo is better. Cause, you'd be wrong. The Enzo corners flatter, but that doesn't mean that it passes through faster, and the McLaren pulls out of the corners quicker. BTW, The Big Mac also does 0-100 in 6.2 seconds and traps the quarter at 138 mph in 11.1 seconds. The Enzo traps with a lower speed than that (around 136, the last time I checked). The top speed of both are useless unless they are at Nurburgring or a track with a long straight, but the McLaren will have a higher speed to go into the corner at the end of whatever straight there is due to its better acceleration. The enzo has better downforce, but it is the distribution of it that makes the difference. the Enzo reduces its down force from 1709 lbs (775kg) to 1290 lbs (585kg) allowing for a top speed of 217 mph. The McLaren's fan assisted active aerodynamics (since we're talking road car :p hehe, the other versions DON'T have this)allow the downforce to be modulated from left and right, so this is a cornering benefit over the enzo. I have said too much, good bye ferrari (gr8t job on the enzo, but go pure and stic k with the FXX)
  20. Enzo would definetely win on the track. The mclaren may do a faster 0-60 but the enzo wins in 0-100. The enzo also handles a lot better than the mclaren
  21. LOL thats real funny i aint a mclaren fan and i like da ferrari but the enzo is a piece of crap it would get beat horribly by the F1
  22. Your crazy, the enzo couldnt smoke an f40! how can it smoke an F1! besides the f1 is lighter and does way more speed!
  23. Sorry every one...

    It has already been proven in a race between an F1 McLaren and the Enzo that the F1 won...

    so no sweat, and for availability of parts hahahahahaha.....
    for trackday performance for the Enzo hahahahahahaha.......

    Enzo is a pitty ful car for me. almost as compromised as the F50 for that matter.

    McLaren is Exclusive. takes 25000 USD just to properly service it.

    Parts hahahahahaha... sorry its not a car that, you walk in a showroom slip the check and take it away. Parts for a Super car...and specially a McLaren grow up...

    They are custom made by the factory specially for you. Every thing is exactly the way you would want it.

    Its not that you have 1.5 million USD and you can buy it. No, McLaren wouldnt let you buy it.

    This is a special... no sorry very special...
    mmmmm no... extravigantly special...
    aaaaa no....actually a state of the art master piece which was made how art is penned down(with no compromise at all...)

    Its a pity actually...

    This car is not for you and me(I love it but I have to be realistic sorry)... its for people who are not only wealthy but famous and who can take a break to buy such a thing as a McLaren... Every single owner of that car deserves a McLaren.

    Its too damn costly to buy... Its significantly impractical... BUT....

    its a McLaren and no body can change that....

    You are comparing a car which was designed in the era when computing power was limited to Pentium 1s and now its huge technology and yet a car as an Enzo in these times, with this technology...


    why is it this slow... this heavy... this obnoxious...

    The only ferrari that I preffer was the F40... made in the time of Mr. Enzo Ferrari himself... now thats a ferrari...
    (no compromises)...

    It is without doubt the best car of the world but for people who deserve it...
  24. the mclaren is the greatest for a reason a enzo wont have a chance on a closed track but mayb a drag
  25. the mclaren is the greatest for a reason a enzo wont have a chance on a closed track but mayb a drag

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