Enzos Best?

Discussion in '1959 Ferrari 196 S ‘Dino’' started by EnzoFerrariDino, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. What do you think Ferrari's best car is??
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    I think that the best ferrari ever made would have to be the 1984 Ferrari GTO turbo, fast, damn sexy, and off-the-clock-action that'll provide you with the most amount of fun you can have, with your pants on.
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    '62 GTO
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    1958 250 testarossa. Looks similar to the Dino, only 12 clyinder.
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    The 196 dino is wonderful to look at.<!-- Signature -->
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    ya the 250 was pretty smooth and fluent on the outside but that exhaust is so abrupt in low revs.

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