Enzo's replacement: 920hp, 2500 pounds

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  1. I'm more excited about the Fleetwood Mac thing that I didn't read, to be honest.
  4. In their most famous incarnation, Christofurr featuring Lyndsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac were million-selling megastars of soft rock in the 1970s and masters of airy synth anthems in the 1980s.

    Nicks, Buckingham and rhythm section stalwarts Mick Fleetwood and John McVie are back on the road touting a greatest hits tour with no distracting new album to promote. “Yet,” said Buckingham, teasing. The expected roar of anticipation petered out almost before it had begun.

    The crowd in Glasgow was a muted mirror of the band themselves, reflecting back what they were given. In the many long, baggy, drawn-out echoes of songs that peppered a flabby set they were silent in their thousands, still and mooning at the stage, clapping politely between numbers. But on the few occasions when the band came to life the crowd went off like firecrackers.

    Buckingham’s maudlin posturing and hammy vocal theatrics had many on their feet and cheering, while the sudden liveliness of Tusk or the let-rip relief of the bluesy Oh Well brought roars of delight. The likes of Don’t Stop, The Chain and Go Your Own Way were full of real energy.

    But for every one of those tracks there was a Sara or a Landslide, in which a listless and heavy-lidded Nicks struggled to push much range or power from her voice. Or an I’m So Afraid, with a bland and seemingly never-ending guitar solo.

    The musical star of the night was Fleetwood, whose drumming lent every song dynamics, energy and, in Tusk and the last section of World Turning, some unexpected groove. He looked as if he was having a riot throughout.

    It’s a shame his enthusiasm wasn’t more infectious – this canny dinosaur of a band had the good sense and good grace to snap into focus for arresting performances of the landmark songs, but its brio was too often short-lived.
  8. this should put it firmly in R2 class, MAYBE R3
    depending on tires probably
  9. No doubt this thing will surpass all existing high performance cars. But after seeing the the 599's replacement, I have lowered my expectation on how decent it will look.
  10. Haters go ahead and get ready to hate.
  11. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo @ Geneve 2012:
    "we'll show the Enzo @ end 2012. it'll surprise you, also for its name"
  12. That's what I'm affraid of...
  13. Judging off the Cali, FF and new pile of shite it will do.
  14. Like WTF???
  15. How surprising could it's name possibly be?
  16. anyone who doesn't like 'go your own way' should be banned
  17. I don't really know...
  18. I still doubt they will make a 900hp car that is street legal. It will have less hp but then they will make a track only version with said 920HP then another track version with 1000+hp and we will just stop caring.
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    Ferrari: Montezemolo, new 'Enzo' at end of 2012

    Luca Cordero di Montezemolo announced that Ferrari will present the new 'Enzo' at the end of the year.

    Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, the Ferrari president explained to reporters: "It will be 'presented to collectors and it will be a car with three aims: to amaze in terms of technological innovation (rationally not just performance), astonish and amaze in terms of design and amaze with its name.

    After calling a car Enzo in tribute to our founder indeed it isn't easy to find a proper name for this car," he concluded.

    For 2012, "we want to produce 7,000 cars, maybe a little more but not much," said the Ferrari president, announcing targets for the current year. "In 2011 we opened the Indian market.

    This year we want to consolidate various ones. In the U.S.
    we're going very, very well compared to last year and are doing very well in Great Britain and Germany." However, he concluded by saying, "We are not doing well in Italy." Ferrari closed 2011 with its best ever results: turnover +17.3 to 2.251 billion euros, profits +3.2% to 312.4 million and cars sold +9.5% to 7195 units. . .

  20. why? the F12 already has 740 hp and even VW sells a car with 1200 hp
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    The perfect lead up to the new car. The evolution of F!
  22. No doubt: Ferrari'll produce a street legal car with more hp (engine + kers) and lighter than f12
  23. Like Huayra??
  24. another amazing ferrari in the pipeline.......i love it!!!!!!!!

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