ERockIt - the ultimate E-bike

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  1. ERockit - the ultimate E-bike

    a complete new concept, it handles like a bike, with pedals to accelerate and two hand brakes for the front and rear wheel, the muscle power of the driver is multiplied by 50 and allows a top speed of 80 km/h, the faster the driver steps on the pedals, the faster the bike runs, at the traffic lights it accelerates like a Lamborghini, leves the people stunning mouth wide open.

    the interaction of muscle and engine power is very emotional, a new racing feeling when objects in the mirror get smaller that fast.

    It´s not a motor bike, it´s not a bike, it´s the new eRockIt.
  2. You also look like a complete tool riding it.
  3. I wanna build a 5kw electric bike, that looks like a bike
  4. AWESOME i dont care if it looks like a mountain bike mixed with a gay exercise bike, 80 km/h is SICK

  6. Ha ha exactly

  7. saw some video footage on German TV, this thing left people stunning turning their heads mouth wide open, car drives were compelteyl puzzled being so easily out-accelerated at traffic lights
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    Fastest E-Bike on the planet

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    Sorry, not impressed
  10. that´s some crapanese stuff

  11. Oh...

    I expected pedaling <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

  12. Looks like something some #%$gotty Germans would make.
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    lack of helmet, +1
  14. Must be fun, but I wouldn�t want my friends to see me. UGH
  15. our Enduroebike frame is designed for the 5kw-8kw motor , it is the bicycle with the super power motor .

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  16. Looks like shit though
  17. tell me more about your enduroebike

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