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  1. this car is beautiful, man! All you guys who say this looks like a 360 or Murcielago: it is sad that you guys cannot recognize a beautiful car when you see it. <!-- Signature -->
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    Actually, this car DOES look like all those other cars mentioned. We never made mention though that this car wasn't beautiful. So next time before you post, you might want to LOOK at the car. You can't deny that the nose on this looks like a 550 Marenello and the rest of the body does have hints of other automobiles.<!-- Signature -->
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    So, I'm right. What else is new.<!-- Signature -->
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    ALL supercars have parts reminiscent of one supercqar, I will tell you what it was influenced by. I know hundreds of cars, so I wont have any troube. the new FX is designed very close to the Mclaren in terms of airflow, and it has cues from Pagani. The Edonis has more than a little bit of Pagani also, and some bits of the Zagato Raptor's side profile. Pagani itself is designed after Group C cars, and supercars like Jiotto, Monteverdi, Italdesign Nazca, Bertone emotion, are all similar. Montecarlo GTB, my favorite, looks like a Diablo a bit, mixed with a bit of cizeta. They ALL are styled after some other supercar, it just isnt as apparent as this Fulgura, which I say is gorgeous. Have you guys seen ANY more pics other than those? I mean, those are the WORST pics. Go to, or I will send you some good pics also. Dont judge it before youve seen at least 10 pics!<!-- Signature -->
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    uh, dude, the "x" button is far away from the "r" button. If you actually think this car is "erotic", as in sexually stimulating, then you, sir, are a complete fool. your kids will have semblances of yugo's and citroens!

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