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  1. Show us your piece/s

    This is mine, had it for about 2 years now. Very dirty. Hits like a champ though!
  2. hes not going to show us twice
  3. oh i don't buy peropheanlia or however you spell it
  4. id put that in my butt
  5. Man, ive already been typing stuff in the other thread. ok oh well.
  6. I'll post up my collection tomorrow...if I'm not too lazy, lol.
  7. I'll transfer files.
  8. The WSU Cougar Sherlock natural bubbler. This is one of a kind. Friend purchased this guy back in college, off the show rack at a local head shop.
    It even holds a Bic lighter perfectly so you can pass with one hand, or just keep one in it at all times. Hand blown, inside out coloring with a WSU Cougar in the bead. I won't say how much this one cost. This is truly a very very nice piece. Probably the nicest of the collection.

    Following that is what I call "Comfort Pipe" - It's just a nice big spoon with a really huge bowl and a big carb. You can really torch on this thing. Grind it up and smoke like Gandolf here, boys.
  9. 1 2 3 4
    I love the Marine Corps!
  10. Here is the Steamroller/Bubbler, most call them a 'Stubbler.' This thing hit's like a train on a brick wall. Plus, I can do badass smoke tricks with it.

    Next is a personal favorite, the Bubbling Glass Hooter. For knife hits. Never before have knifers been so smooth. Usually, they are done in a super ghetto fashion with some sort of 2-liter bottls with the bottom cut off, flipped inside out, taped in, and filled with ice. But this is the 'classiest way to smoke in the ghettoist fashion,' as I always say.
  11. Here are some bongs.

    Left to right/shortest to tallest

    Little Yellow Bong - nothing to call home about. It's nice when you don't want a total weed eater.

    Little Purple Bong - This was acquired through my friend's ex-girlfriend who just left it here. Gets as much use as Little Yellow Bong, for the same purposes.

    Solid Natural Bubbler Bong - this is more of a really large water pipe than it is a bong. There are no moving parts, ie, no pull carb. You carb this just like you would any normal pipe, only it is tall, and has water in it. You can really chalk it up hard.

    Double Perc - The Big Bong - This is the cream of the crop, boys. Two water chambers, pre-filtered by a carbon filtered ash catcher. That means, no ash in the water, no dirty mud at the bottom. Highly filtered smooth clean smoke. The carbon does diminish some taste, so often, I use the ash catcher sans carbon granules. The bottom also has a diffuser, which is fairly unnecessary, but I wanted it to be glass on glass. The only thing you gotta watch out for is knowing when to actually change the water. It doesnt look gross, but in time, it will smell absolutely terrrrrrible, and that smell certainly gets into the taste of your smoke. It has a big glass bead on the top half with a cute butterfly flying over an Amanita muscaria. On the back is the artist's logo. This is also one of a kind.
  12. You think I am not a nice guy?
  13. I am digging your pipes! 2 Questions:

    *What is a knifer?
    *Recommend me a good water pipe. I looked at Roor and they were nice, but I think you mostly pay for the name?
  14. what is with keeping that Gatoraid trash bong
  15. They are great, really great. You kinda pay for the name. But you do for a Mercedes as well. They are both the product of finely tuned German engineering.

    That's all I will say about Roors. I do love them, don't get me wrong. But I tend to like going for the more heady (hand blown artsy stuff made by total stoners trying to make a living that know how to smoke hard) type stuff.

    Knife hits are this:
    usually takes 2 people, I will brag, yes I can do these alone. But it's like the pot smoking equivalent to smoking crack. its just kinda hardcore is all.

    1: heat up two knives on the stove - wait until they are as hot as they can be. I always turn off the lights and see if they are the same color as the element.

    2: have a small amount of weed sitting close by, hash or kif works even better

    3: one person hold the hooter up to their mouth when the knives are hot enough

    4: the other person takes the knives off the stove and quickly presses one of them onto the prepared nearby pot, which will stick to the knife immediately, then moves it underneath the hooter.

    5: the knifeman then takes the second knife, and presses it on top of the first weed holding knife. Press down and rub them together. Instantly the pot is vaporized and smoke shoots up the hooter while the sucka suck sucks.

    6: You trade places and do one for them

    7: you sit down cause you're about to get really ripped, really quick.

    (and there are different methods, eg, using a torch and glass paddles in lieu of knives)

    Also keep in mind that, if using true hash, lots of the smoke will go DOWN instead of UP. This is not the case with kif, but true hash will surprise you if you try this. If this is the case, hold the hooter at an angle, NEVER upside down. Do not get under those knives under ANY circumstances.

    You're welcome. Also, I will bet there is a 'how to' video on youtube of them.
  16. That's just a basic one hit quick 'i gotta rip one down, but dont wanna smell and dont have time to roast a bowl or joint' type pisser unit. Highly efficient. Highly ghetto. As you can see, highly used over time. Yes, I can put in a new bottle on it at any time and just switch the lid onto it, but who really cares?
  17. i really need to find someone to buy from here in Mass, i dont know anyone that smokes, or even anyone that knows anyone that smokes... what a lame bunch of people.

    if i find a job im sure i'll get the hookup, but until them, im just not in enough social situations... but me and my girl really want to smoke a bowl.

    who wants to drive on over here with a bag?
  18. you have like 30 + bongs/pipes , get rid of the trash
  19. Buy a new Gatorade? Done. The bowl on top is interchangeable.
  20. its like 40 % odds you ask any negro you see and he will have the hookup ...common thats common knowledge
  21. The pitfalls of the high end pot market.
  22. i just find it funny it sits right among your pristine collection all covered in resin ////
  23. That resin is like battle wounds.

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