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  1. its a water pipe for tobacco man
  2. It's moar like they're hard to acquire, not me being scared of being caught. Although that's part of it, because buying a piece can earn you a $25,000 fine and jail time.
  3. oh its illegal to smoke drugs?
  4. It's illegal to buy a glass pipe in Kañsas, even if its intended use is tobacco smoaking, yes.
  5. oh, people use those to smoke tobacoo eh, never seen them used for that

    potheads are just trying to pull a fast one on us
  6. zomg
  7. ya man i just smoke tobacco in my bong man yahhh maaannnn
  8. I love how on the anniversary of 9/11 Tommy Chong was arrested for making bongs. There's so much wrong with this.
  9. dude i smoke lavender all the time
  10. yeah when i read that in High Times i was just
  11. Once I was at my family's cottage. I was using this knife that had burn marks all over it. My uncle walked by and said "Know what those burn marks are from? Just what extrasuperpowr said."

    It was a bit of a WTF moment.
  12. Your uncle is a nice guy.
  13. what?
  14. hahahahh


    i'd lol so much if he actually said "extrasuperpowr"
  15. He just explained the whole thing that ESP did, but I wasn't about to type it out again.
  16. lol
  17. lol

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