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  1. New emission regs are being questioned by UK and German governments

    30th July 2008

    The EU Commission wants all European car makers to achieve fleet average CO2 emissions of just 130g/km between 2012 and 2015. However, both the UK and German governments are requesting a rethink whereby manufacturers that produce between 10,000 and 300,000 units a year (e.g. Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche) are placed in a special category whereby they would only have to reduce their emissions by 25 per cent from 2006 levels.
  2. God I #$%#ing hate the EU.
  3. One way or another the EU need to come to a decision as models for 2012 are being budgeted and planned for already. The longer it waits the less chance any manufacturer will have to try and comply.

    I know you all hate the C02 laws, but I think it will mean a radical change and that could be interesting.

    At the end of the day it will hurt Porsche but they have the funds to get them through this and if they have the foresight then they will be doing something about this already. Companies like Land Rover have already taken steps to changing their design philosophy, with cars like the LRX.

  4. Forget planning, a lot of 2012 cars will already be in development.

    You make a good point, but I wish they'd think of a smarter set of regs than a dumb, blanket, fleetwide emissions average. Companies like Fiat have very little problem complying, companies like BMW have a major problem on their hands but may be able to comply with a huge rethink of their product (this is probably the shift that the rules are trying to cause - in every other respect they are incredibly blind), and companies like Porsche are so completely #$%#ed that they shouldn't even bother trying to comply.

    The suggestions raised by JLR and Porsche are much smarter. A percentage reduction in emissions, or at least the ratio of emissions per bhp, every decade or so, would be a good idea.
  5. I'm not sure about the EU. On the one hand, they suck so much ass, but on the other hand, they might make sure the complete idiots in our country doesn't make even WORSE shit than this happen. So I'm torn :/
  6. think this is the reason why BMW M devision will be moving from NA engines to turbo powered ones.
  7. How about companies that make less than 10k cars/year?
  8. EU gets high off of C02.

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