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  3. Farage is the most sensibele person in the Parliament. Im not sure what to vote btw.
  4. Voted artikel 50. Related to Nigel farage
  5. Likewise <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  6. finntroll

    but err, what's a troll-vote like? pro-eu?
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    I voted for this guy:

    Not a politician, just some random guy running for MEP but possibly the stupidest person ever anywhere. The interview was so hilarious I just had to vote (normally I don't bother).
  8. oh well, still glad you went out to vote, you know
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    He looks/sounds like Boss Nass. I expected him to do that faceshaking thing with his ample cheeks at any moment.
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  11. Surprised how people still buy Farage's BS. Personally I'm in favour of further European consolidation, a "United States of Europe". Webber would paint me as a masonic "federalist" and some left/right wing populists would paint me as a satanic "neo-liberal".

    All I see is that Europe is still a fragmented continent, this fragmentation of countries and economies creates all sorts of costs and gives up opportunity for growth and prosperity. While many of the concerns voiced by the eurosceptics are valid I find them too short-sighted, they tend to focus too much on the short-term and omit (in purpose or not) to look at the bigger picture. It's quite sad really.
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    Stupidity on that level is indeed hilarious.
  13. Yeah, so that's what the EFTA's for
  14. You do not need countries to give away their sovereignty in a lot of areas of regulation and lawmaking, to completely open their borders, and to go into monetary union for opportunities for "growth and prosperity".

  15. So when a developed country like Norway enters a union with countries like Turkey and Romania, you believe that this will benefit Norway? We have developed a very strong national identity, an extremely balanced and very sustainable society, we have based our beliefs and values on Norwegian traditions and customs. You would have us compete directly with emerging economies and more densely populated countries? You would want us to share a set of rules set by bureaucrats and politicians in some shared government all of whom have their own agendas, beliefs, and motivations? I fail to grasp the concept of how this would develop Norway further. Norwegian politicians made us enter the EEA the day after the public voted no (for the second time) to enter the EU. And now we have to follow rules set by the bureaucrats in central Europe as well as the ones set by our own government. The western society operates on the precedent that the people decide. If the majority of people believe "Farages BS", then maybe you should look at what motivates them, and what their national situation is like.
  16. That's the very stereotypical line of argument against european consolidation: we lose our sovereignty! we lose our independence!

    The current union was formed voluntarily by the current member states, maybe some of the leaders tend to forget but the truth is: There is no true independence. Everybody is exposed to and affected by everybody else since like ever.

    A monetary union in Europe creates a great opportunity for economies of scale, easier cross-border capital movements etc. It certainly has its shortcomings and the euro in this case is a very young currency and need to address issues on monetary policy conducted by the ECB and the EuroSystem of central banks. But that doesn't mean it should be dissolved in the first (admittedly big) bump in the road.
  17. Nothing wrong with open borders and trade agreements. Everything wrong with laws made by European Union. I dont need an Italian or spaniard to tell me what i can and can't do. I think we(Holland) need to step out and ditch the euro as well. Get a new currency with strong countries like germany and scandinavian countries
  18. Oh and the Parliament is full of moneygrabbing clagnuts
  19. Turkey is not part of the union. Norway (and Switzerland) are cases of their own IMO. If Norway wasn't as rich in natural resources, I really doubt that you wouldn't reconsider entering the EU. But never say never. Times change and if the EU decides to get its act together it might as well become a very attractive club for Norway to join in. So far however Norway has managed to make a wonderful regulatory arbitrage: have almost full access to the European markets without having to face the responsibilities a full time member like the Netherlands has to.

    tl;dr It's not really your non-EU membership as a stand alone factor that has made you prosper. No matter how much eurosceptics want to make it appear so.

    National situation IMO is a lack of proper education, lack of political leadership and whenever the economy goes south a lot of people suddenly think nationalism is the solution to all their personal problems. That's where guys like Farage, Le Pen, Wilders fit into the puzzle. That's a huge discussion though, and a political scientist, sociologist, historian etc might be able to give a better explanation (I'm not).
  20. Lol it took a non-EU citizen to have enough interest in the EU to make this thread.

    The EU should stay the hell out of being anything other than a trade union
  21. Lol what can I say, I have a strong interest in international relations.

    And as a libertarian, am enjoying seeing Farage getting the voters' backing.
  22. Germany and its satellites (hint: you guys + Austria and Finland) has by far the biggest influence in EUs decision making process. Not Italy. Not Spain.
  23. it was just an example, i don't need a german or a belgian either to tell me what to do.
  24. The Euro has made everything more expensive and the politicians from the traditional political parties don't give a rat's ass about their citizens needs and claims, all they care is about their wealth .People are also fed up of assisting immigrants who just come in their countries and abuse of the social and security system and effectively this has to cease permanently. Closed borders were a much better thing, it avoided the poor, the criminals and the leech offs coming into our countries.

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