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  1. Filippo says:
    the dutch call salt 'zoot'

    Skøll, og fæn ta deg! says:
    so do they piss francophones off when asking for some damn salt?

    Filippo says:
    The dutch and the french don't get along
    reference - Belgium

    Skøll, og fæn ta deg! says:
    oil and water, apparently. how'd that even come to be in the first place, anyway?

    Filippo says:
    I dunno
    I figure...
    holland used to own the flemish part at one time, and franch owned the wallon
    and then
    some wars changed all the boundaries
    and belgium was actually just the part of the land that france and holland didn't care about
    so it became it's own nation
    but no one could get along
    so the decided to act like children for 500 years
    at least some distracted themselves with making beers
    and that one german section way on the east is all like "wtf mate?"
    three little towns
    along the border
    the wallons hate them, the flems hate them, and that suits the germans just fine
    because they hate everyone
    they even hate germany
    kinda like the swiss germans
    so naturally, the german germans hate them all
    including the austriche
    the italians think them all crazy, but don't really have time to worry about it because they're busy dealing with croatians and portuguese
    not to mention how much the north and south of italy hates each other
    then the croats are distracted by hating the serbs and vice versa
    The french are enjoying hating everyone, but especially poland, for some reason
    the portugues are busy hating the azorcian portugues, who are busy hating the mainland portugues
    the spanish are in the middle of this, but don't have time to worry about it because they all hate the catalans
    the catalans are just getting drunk and don't care about anything but partying between barcelona, majorca, and ibiza
    the swedes really hate the norse, the danes, and the germans
    the poor germans are pretty much unilaterally hated
    except by the ukranians and the hungarians and the czech
    who seem to think that they're close enough to Germany to be considered German
    which makes the rest of eastern europe hate them
    Latvia and estonia like to pretend they're norse
    which pisses off eastern europe
    and the norse
    the fins hate the swedes
    the germans hate the swedes
    the swedes hate the swedes
    the danish don't remember where sweden is
    but are sure germany is somewhere nearby
    the russians don't seem to mind that everyone hates them
    because they hate everyone even more
    and they'll prove it
    the only thing mainland europe can agree on is how much they hate England
  2. Belgians actually fought for independence, multiple times in history.
  3. I don't even know if I should point out that I don't actually believe that Belgium was created by being the part of the land left over when france and holland changed the boundaries. I'm not sure whether I should use sarcasm or not. I'm amazed. Like, are you seriously responding to this string of nonsense with a fact?
  4. zoot? lolwut, it's not pronounced like that AT ALL. same as gouda lol.
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