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  1. Hello all.
    This is something I had to bring up. First off I noticed that I can’t seem to find 5W 30 motor oil in Switzerland. This is a problem because I have an American car and the only thing I can find that’s even close is 5w 40. I realize exactly what the 40 stands for it’s the detergents and this is where the problem is. American cars use 5W- 30 for a reason. I have studied oil extensively and have learned that many F body cars and Corvettes meat early deaths in Europe because of the higher level of detergents that are added to the oils. the engines runs cleaner but it increases the sand paper affect and I for one am not about to become a victim of this. So all I’m asking is does anybody know where I can get some American grade 5w 30 motor oil?

    Btw if I can’t find this oil I’am going to have it shipped to me. Because I noticed its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! cheaper in America. The price here is more than triple for 5qts of mobile 1 synthetic 5$ US vs 20 CHF for one quart no matter how you slice that its way more expensive so I figure I can have the stuff shipped and maybe sell some of it an still turn a small profit. So if anybody is in Switzerland and interested in obtaining some oil from me at a reduced price let me know. Ill crunch the numbers and get back to you with a price…. BTW in America not all oil is $5.00 a quart some are as low as $1.00 a quart that beats the cheapest I have seen by about 13Chf. Now I add shipping and a little something for my troubles And I’m sure we can both come out with smiles. If im working with large quantities. You American car drivers can get the oil your car was designed to use and maybe spend a little less for it. As for you European car drivers maybe I can get you some oil that seems to work fine in your cars in America and you just get a discount on what you’re paying for it now.
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