europes fastest car?!

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  2. I would want that SO much more than a Bugatti Veyron!

    Wait, no I wouldn't.
  3. I'd like to see that car do that more than 10 times, with a full interior and pass modern safety regulations. You cannot compare tuned with production cars.
  4. "Some engineers from AMG team criticized the optimistic Norwegian team for bringing an 80's trimmed American car to this super test track for the advanced European supercars. With a brisk 8.9L V8 producing a whopping 1407 HP, Pal was soon doing AMG top speeds of 300km/h in his warming laps."

    lol, salty
  5. but that production car took 8 years to be done with testing... this probably took 1 week.
  6. ahaha thats #$%#ing awesome
  7. You may say well the 9FF team drove 409km/h in an extremely rebuilt Porsche 911 at the same track; this speed was recorded with their own equipment and therefore can be fixed and therefore is not recorded as an official speed record. Bugatti Veyron 407km/h is also recorded with their own equipment.

    As the Papenburg track is to small for the Pontiac to reach its potential top speed of 435km/h and Volkswagen's test track costs 25.000 Euro an hour to rent. Paul is bringing his road legal car to the US in 2009 to challenge Shelby supercars official record of 412km/h.

  8. later f-bodies seam to be really popular with the land speed crowd. I love cars like this. Id love to see the look on those AMG guys faces.
  9. if it is a matter of costs, why don?t he just take it to the Ring (just a few Euros for a few laps) or make it avaailable for a magazine like s?port auto, Autobild for a rack test at the Hockenheimring or the FIA GT track Oschersleben?

    seems this all again is just about straight line acceleration on slat flats and not handling and lapping a track properly <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  10. 2 posts above this one that's all you were talking about aswell... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  11. A reminder that the fastest stock body car was a Trans Am too.
  12. I want to see this on Top Gear.
  13. Those jackasses wouldnt know what to do with it.
  14. last time someone let them drive something this fast one of them almost died.
  15. No, this probably isn't.
  16. I know that car, I've even seen it on the street once. It's pretty awesome what they've achieved, but I also agree that you can't compare tuned and stock cars.
  17. Is this the same car that was in EVO alongside the 1000hp Opel Omega?
  18. lol @ stock 80's aeordynamics achieving 252 mph and not crashing.

    dont mention the veyron in this post, because obviously they are very different animals........but it does shit all over the 9ff
  19. The 80's had some of the most aerodynamic cars avaialable. Even outstanding by modern standards.
    I believe the VW Passat at the time had a CW of around 0.27
  20. ha wow tats pretty surprising. them AMG
  21. ha wow tats pretty surprising. them AMG guys must have been like "did that car jus punked the shit of us?"
  22. ban this mongoloid.
  23. Even the subaru XT or acylone or whatver did 0.29 and that was the most horrible brick car
  24. also, 80's #$%# yeah
  25. i dunno but this somehow seems 10x cooler than a veyron

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