ever have days where you think you're going insane

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Once in awhile?
  2. It's an odd feeling, no?
  3. Yeah. Hasnt happened in recent years though
  4. I get it one in a blue. I'll wake up and just know, and be like #$%#kkk. Everything is surreal, thoughts are all negative, anything beyond the next couple of seconds feel entirely hopeless. It especially sucks when you need to be productive on that particular day.
  5. It only happens when im drunk
  6. i am, not the kind of insane that #$%# dead bodys but there something strange in me, i'm apethatic towards people, actually theres a more precise definition of my condition, but this kinda describes it, i've been visited by psychologies since child
  7. Sociopath?
  8. no, but it's related and more serious
  9. no, but it's related
  10. Aspergers
  11. i did yesterday. i went to universal studios and ate mushrooms and it was 95 degrees the whole day. i wanted to die every second.
  12. I have bad days where everything pisses me off, but I would never say that I feel like I'm going insane. I have a pretty positive attitude towards life. You only get out of it what you put into it. Don't be a sour puss and you won't have a sour puss life.
  13. did you ride incredible hulk? that whole adventure place has some nice rides i want to try one day.

    i guess classic park is better for shrooms, being in the movie
  14. yeah. I rode the hulk a couple times, the spiderman ride only once due to the line length and a lengthy breakdown, the harry potter coasters twice each because there was literally no line, and the dr doom freefall towers; waaay too short, but again a very short line. there was also a harry potter ride very much like the spiderman ride that I enjoyed, mostly because it had the best air conditioning.
  15. I'm getting sick of these threads reeeeal fast.

    We get it, you've got mental issues, go seek actual help kid.
  16. Ugh, has nothing to do with mental issues. You used to be a lot cooler, now it almost seems like Adrian has hacked your account.
  17. i agree with the first part, but there's nowt wrong with him. he just needs to shut the #$%# up
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    Lol saw that yesterday. Made me think of chevy
  21. hey timmy
    do you think hope should ALWAYS be kept alive
    or only sometimes
  22. Im trying friend, but cmooooon same thread everyday about depression. If you really are sick maybe you need help thats all
  23. hater alert
  24. Did you ever consider that he's just expressive? Try asking Tom Waits to sit still and not wear a hat

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