Ever see the movie "The Gumball Rally"?

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  1. In the Movie "The Gumball Rally" based on the original Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash there is a great Daytona Spider that is shown alot and is involved in a lot of high speed racing sceenes.
    And By the way in the real Cannonball a blue Daytona coupe driven by magazine editor Brock Yates and LeMans winner and F1 driver Dan Gurney drove from NY-LA in 35 hours and 56 minutes.
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    I referenced the Cannonball Run Daytona in the other thread- a very impressive feat likely never to be duplicated
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    I heard that the Daytona actually hit 174 MPH on the road, can anyone else confirm or deny this?
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    I do know that durring the cannonball Yates and Gurney got a speeding ticket in Arizona for going 165mph in a i think 65 mph zone. So its highly likly one could go that fast. A Jaguar XJS holds the record when it won the 1979 cannonball with a time of 32:51.
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    According to the Road & Trak article, Gurney & Yates were stopped for doing 143 in a 55.
  6. "Captain Random" was my old handle, so I'll update. The top speed of the Daytona was limted by gearing to 145. The engine had plenty of grunt and the aero was decent. I would imagine with taller gearing the Daytona could hit an easy 180.
  7. Hell yah it was good!

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