Every year its the same story

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  1. Omg snow? sorry forgot how to drive!!
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  2. Once you're on the slope of that street, what are you supposed to do?
  3. how did he go between the building and street so quickly
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  4. right. This smells like a false flag operation to discredit canadian drivers
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  5. They seriously need to consider closing that street.
  6. but i hav 4wd in my crv wtf yo
  7. What do they take us for, fools? What are the chances of two people in downtown Montreal both having access to camera phones?
  8. This is what you get for building a major city on some barren tundra and then making everybody speak French.
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  9. I can relate your hate towards Palestine in this comment
  10. We may get exploding buses, cars running over people and the occassional missile attack, but at least we don't slide down icy streets like fucking lemmings.
  11. Sporty looking police car there.

    No winter tires required? While we have had this same discussion every year, I dont remember. My town has one or two slopes steep enough to give trouble getting up, but not down.
  12. this is what happens when you get people who are not used with the snow..
  13. I believe Police cars have their own tyres, not sure if all-season-beefed up or full snow tyres but they are not the same as ours. That one probably didn't had them yet
  14. The rcmp here have custom Nokian Hakkapalita 10 ply run flats apparently.
  15. nice, don't think it can get any better (and costly) than this
  16. Well that looks more like slicks than Hakkapeliitta 10s.
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  17. great
    see the police rolling around like the prime minister herself on my canadian dime!
  18. Aparently it's by municipal contract. a friend of mine owns a tire shop. they have the rcmp contract here. he's who told me the tires they use and it's on a 5 years contract with the tire manufacturer. they get them for 45% of what you or I would pay for the same tire(though they are not available to the public in this form)
  19. Even if there were, like maybe there was a verizon store in that building or something, it's not like their shoddy 3g network would accommodate two being on at the same time.
  20. lol Verizon, its Canada. Orange maybe? ya prolly
  21. this just keeps getting more and more unbelievable
    the hubris of thinking that the woke people of the internet would buy this is breathtaking
  22. our electricity comes from water, borrowed from natives
  23. Our electricity comes from the decayed bodies of the natives we conquered.
  24. * slaughtered
  25. Beta bitches get stitches.

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