Everyone Wants to Beat the S2000!!!

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  1. Go Honda! The S2000's been around just long enough for everyone else to make their matching model, and look: the new cars list on this page is filled with small coupes like this. They've got the same I4 engine, ~240 (Blown) horsepower, light weight, and rigid suspension and frame. Still, they need turbos or superchargers to make their cars go; no one but Ferrari can make a high-performance engine like Honda!<!-- Signature -->
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    No one can seem to make a truly good, yet functional, car though. Something that has good handling, a good price, reliable, good for streets, no--everyone thinks the market is for overstylized weak wannabe cars or huge gas-guzzling suvs with no styling. I like the s2000's, but still, we need a real car like i described above. Ooops, did someone say BMW Mini Cooper? Or Subaru Impreza? These things aren't too stylized, they're not overly or underly powered, and they're proper for streets, they're fuel efficient, and *gasp* you can see over them! And they're not dangerous to people besides the driver! Pontiac is always going with the weak, over-stylized bandwagon. They need to come straight and make a true city car. That's all we need, no rich-#%$s driving their ferraris and crap like that that won't ever get past gear 1 on a city, or yuppies driving a monstrosity suv that won't ever get off road, nor go more than 5 miles on one tank of gas. People need to pull their heads out of their asses. And if they did, this car wouldn't be around. If this car is the answer, what's the #$%#ing question?!<!-- Signature -->
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    Hondas rules.
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    sorry about my english....
    I think that already is a car that beats S2000.
    Do you know Opel speedster.
    This car beats S2000, and only has a 2.2 16v engine (145hp).
    0-100 km/hr = 5.5 seg.
    this horses are real horses, GM ruleeeeeees!!!!!!!!!
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    lots of cars already beat the S2slo...the S2slo was hondas attempt to beat other cars...and there ware a lot of other roadsters before honda started making cars...i guess there must be a big market for roadsters <!-- Signature -->
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    The S2000? Hmm... Being able to rev to almost 9000rpm is cool... but this engine, like ALL Honda engines, has pathetic torque figures. That's why my best friend's SUPERCHARGED Civic Si barely pulls on my STOCK VW Beetle 1.8T.
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    I agree with RacePhreak13 on this one. The Mini Cooper S and the WRX are great cars with plenty of power and superb handling. The S2000 was designed to do one thing well, and that is to put a smile on the driver's face. It does that very well.

    I don't know what you're talking about, UNIVERSO. I've seen a stock S2000 do 0-60 in under 5. Honda gets their "under 6" by revving the engine to 2500 and dumping the clutch, rev it to 4500 and you'll shave a half second or more off that time. "Real Horses?" You must mean torque, because horsepower is horsepower, buddy. It's the amount of power needed to move 33,000Lbs 1 foot in 1 minute. Either you've got it or you don't, although maybe it's down low or maybe it's at 9000 RPM.

    As for the Beetle 1.8t barely losing to the supercharged Civic, I'm not surprised. Most aftermarket superchargers for the Civic (like the Jackson) don't perform all that well in most cases; there's a LOT of work that needs to be done to make them work right, and most people don't bother. In any event, both cars have little engines with blowers, and they're similar weights, so I don't see why they shouldn't be stiff competition for each other.<!-- Signature -->
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    why do you hate hondas so much, I mean you even gave Pontiac a chance, why not Honda. Plus honda made other cars which are so much better, like the NSX. And look at the import catelogues, they always have parts for Honda, cuz everyone likes them, they are cheap, good performance, and reliable.<!-- Signature -->
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    Sorry about my english
    I just wanna say to honda lovers, where is TORQUE in all honda cars???????????????????????
    HONDA SUNCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    HONDA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    UNIVERSO, you don't know what you're talking about. I think you SUNK! Honda makes some of the best cars around, and considering that you're bashing Honda in a PONTIAC forum, you don't have a lot to back up your claims. Honda sports-tuned engines have as much torque/liter as a Ferrari, and they have more horsepower/liter than a Ferrari, and I doubt that you'd get very far telling people that Ferrari doesn't know how to make engines.<!-- Signature -->
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    Tell me a roadster thats in the low 30's with S2000 performance. You hafta spend any 10k to match it.

    talking stock for here......
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    i usually diss everything about hondas, but dude, this thing would get killed by an s2000, GM has made the ecotec engine as powerful as the VTEC engines, at about the same size (look up the turbo powered 650 hp version and compare to stephen papzackis (?), that yellow AEM civic). but this thing sucks ass. its ugly too. good thing gm cares enough about putting effort to improve an engine.<!-- Signature -->
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    Pontiac is trying to use this car to beat S2000...? It maybe able to beat it in performance, but the looks...eh...wtf is this shxt?<!-- Signature -->
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    I dun really like this one as much.
    I've seen a diff Concept of this car...the covertible, and loos way better!!
    As for performance...remember this is the old 2.2L Ecotec with a SC...
    I mean....no VTEC...and in fact..no TECH period.
    Give it a damned chance.

    As For Honda..they only got a few goodcars...well 2 actually...the RSX, and the NSX.. Both extremely overpriced for what ya get though =(
    As for torque figures..I have to admit..a little low..and especially since it's @ atmospheric RPMs.

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->
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    Yah isnt Honda amazing? Yah isnt it great that Hondas S2000 is also like $10-$15,000 more expensive than this too? Isnt it also amazing that this car is mid engined while the S2000 is Front Engine? Isn't also amazing that the S2000 uses a digital dash? Something Pontiac has been doing years before this?

    Isnt it also kinda neat that this car has more to in common with the PONTIAC Fiero than it does with a Honda?

    Isnt it wierd that most think that small sport coupes were somehow invented by the Japanese and anyone who decides to make a small sports car is somehow copying the Japanese?
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    so true, and about honda having better hp/l than ferrari, it doesnt matter, just because a civic or a prelude has a really great hp/l doesnt mean its fast
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    i agree with you rc car nitro engines make like 300+ HP/L and i don't think they would get a 2000 lb car moving fast because even though they make high HP/L they still don't make much Hp/L
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    as I said before Hondas are made to be tuned which in the end will make you spend the same amount as buying a far more expensive car anyways. A friend of mine has spent around $25,000 Can on a 94 civic Hatch. It handles pretty good but even after all he's done to it he's only pushing 164HP at most. Plus hondas are boring and most Honda owners are drones. Good reliable cars that are the most common and/or boring tuners in the world.

    I have to admit though, I always liked the interior of the second last generation Prelude, one of the best interior designs in that price range. Give me that interior, put it in a 1993 Acura integra Hatchback then drop 2 S2000 engines linked to a NSX manual tranny and have all 480 Horsepower pwering the Rear wheels, then youll have a real Honda.

    Imagine all that in the integra below.

    Now thats a Honda!!
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    comparing it to other 1.8-2.2L I4 engine the s2000's engine actually a has a good amount of torque. As for the redline, think about this. the lower the gear the better the acceleration right, the higher the gear the more top speed. well if u put the s2000 up against another car with a similar torque curve, alot more torque but less rpms(whatever makes it 250hp) and u make the top top speed for each gear the same between each car they would be equal. because the s2000 has a higher redline it can achieve more top speed for each gear so it has lower gear ratios giving it better acceleration. just think about that and ull see why hp is actually pretty accurate.
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    evrey1 wants to beat honda S2000 and if pontiac makes this they will beat honda
  22. I like Hondas

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