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    I heard that the buyer gets the beef from all the cows slaughtered to make the upholstery. Mmmm... beef.
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    well it just goes to show what a bently is made of
  3. To be honest I like this car alot. I like Bentleys alot!! But to be honest, in the back of my head I can't help but think Bentleys are EVIL!!
    #1 they defy the laws of car physics. This car weighs more than a Hummer yet performs as well as a 1994 NSX (at least in Top speed and accel. Handling about as good as a high performance semi sport coupe)!!

    #2 Nothing has been compromised NOTHING!!!! How many cows did it take to do the opolstry? How many trees were destroyed to do the trim?
    What happens to the guy in the other car when you hit him with this superfast Locomotive?

    #3The cost. Only someone who lied cheated and stole his way up the ladder of the money race can afford one of these (not entierly true).

    The car is so close to perfection that it's scary. The car never seems to show it's true age.

    Some may see Divineness others may see Seductivly Evil

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