Evo 5 engine problem

Discussion in 'Technical' started by foxawy, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. i have a prob with an evo5 ,
    -the car rattles knocking noises ,
    -when the MAF sensor is connected the revs are all over the place they go up an down when i disconnect it worked fine ,
    -i tested with a different ECU and an idle , the car worked fine but rattled on idle ,
    -now even when the MAF sensor disconnected the rattles and sounds like its working on 3 cyl only , the RPM doesn't pass 3000 no matter what even if the car is on neutral .

    Thnx any help appreciated.
  2. 4G63. There is your problem.
  3. bent rod?
    bent valve stem?
    faulty MAF?
    all of the above?
  4. has anything been done to the engine to modify it from stock?
  5. TSCM: Nop no modifications as far as i know !!

    Big Rob: i don't think we tried multiple MAF sensors same Prob , and as engine mechanical components go when we changed the ECU it sounded good , nothing that would indicate a bent rod or a valve , it just sounded like a fuel issue

    keep in mind we changed the fuel pump , filter , and cleaned the injectors.

    personally i think it might be the ECU , any ideas about that , and appreciate the help, thnx.
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