EVO drives the MP4-12C

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  1. Reminds me of that spezial F430 for that japanese customer.
  2. have you seen it in person? I sat in one at a debut they were doing and it was awesome.
  3. ok, write something against the MP4 is denied...
    ****MP4 the best and perfect car ever******
  4. lol at all the italians butthurt.
  5. impresive post, will I sleep tonight..?
  6. It's not flashy, but I don't think that makes it sad. I mean, this car is no Pagani, it seems to be anti-drama if anything, but the interior looks really functional and well thought out to me.
  7. "And it'll probably fall to pieces in a few years"



    HHahhaha. what?
  8. I'm curious what AMGrulz bases this 'will probably fall to pieces' on
  9. this guy
  10. What the #$%#? This car is awesome
  11. Ugly? No
    Stunning? No
    Performance? We need to wait and see, but it seems best in class on paper.
    Passion? I don't think anyone should comment until they see and drive one.
  12. seriously. if McLaren's other work is anything to go by. EVO said that compared to competition at the time, the F1 looked like it has been built "on another planet", such was the quality of its construction.

    now of course we all know the F1 was a no-holds-barred car in terms of costs, but it's not like they're going to be prepared to let something as important as build quality slide THAT much.
  13. This car has fanboys?
  14. god its ugly/boring
  15. Oh look.
  16. no im serious

    original media pics it actually looked good

    now its just........bleh

  17. It would be awesome if it didn't look like lotus. It already looks dated, especially from behind.
  18. Its one of those cars that looks better in person. Granted it still doesnt quite have the same draw as a 458 does, its still a very good looking car. It pulls off modern and elegant in a way most new designs cant.

    Amenasce invited me and Hetzen to the Chicago launch of the car, and we spent a lot of time in and around it. It feels nicer inside than most other supercars I've been in. Better than the LFA, better even than the SLR. [430 and gallardo are nicer though]
    The reps told us a story about how mclaren asked the manufacturer of this one metal piece [thats hidden in the dash] to put the words Mclaren in the part, and they returned with a part that had raised lettering. Mclaren asked them to redo it with indented lettering so it would save a fraction of a gram. Mclaren is seriously bonkers, every single bit of this car has had so much engineering its incredible.
  19. he has confused it with a farrarri
  20. the exterior seems nothing special, a fusion 360 modena+gallardo+nsx... probably McLaren prefers the best Cx/Cz ratio
  21. ferrari make their first good-looking car in a decade and the fanboys are already on their high horses. such a bunch of insufferable twats.
  22. seriously. i like the 458 better than this car, but you can't deny this is an awesome car.
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