EVO drives the MP4-12C

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  1. Sounds realistic. Maybe they should have spend another few bucks on employing a car designer.
  2. why cant you just admit both cars are #$%#ing badass?
    BOth of them are fast, sexy, stylish things and both of them echo the character of their parent brand exactly.
  4. because this is SC.net...were supposed to argue about dumb stuff...duh
  5. You are just as bad as Raging Bull...
  6. as a fan of Ferrari, you should be used to awful modern design.
  7. shut the #$%# up.
  8. Would love a hot lap w JB at the wheel. You would still prefer to rock up to your destination in a 458 just for the sex appeal.
  9. I thought Frank Stephenson designed this car. No?
  10. Yeah he did, the only part of the design Sportscars have Italian names pronto cares about is the prancing horse emblem though, so that doesn't matter.
  11. he's #$%#ing worse, and that's saying something.
  12. I don't think it's as pretty as the 458 is but few cars are...it's no way ugly just a bit understated
  13. wrong!

    I like cars with lots of technology, awsome performance, staggering design, passion, history and "x-factor" ... or "wow-effect" (that's why the McLaren Mp3-'8,1 fails ...)and finish with a dash of racing heritage

    Take all the values above mix well, bake in the autoclave and 98% of the times you end up looking at an Italian car, and yes many Italian supercars have a pranncing horse on them. Therefore who ever claims that Ferrari is not representing the ultimate car is makiong a fool out themselfs.
  14. except that 95% of winning race cars are made in britain.
  15. you are so much fun....

    let's have a look at the past ten years:

    F1: Pretty much dominated by Ferrari (when a British car has won it has had a French or a German enigne)

    GT1: Maserati owns this category but the Corvettes have done well too. Further back the Ferrari 550 Maranello dominated (agreed with a little help from an English company)

    GT2 and a like: Ferrari 430 GT and 911's have owned thess series forever....(911 is a model from a car producer in Zuffenhausen, a town near Leeds)

    Le Mans: Dominated by the oh-so-British Audis...Ferraris, Corvettes and 911's in the GT-series

    WRC: Subaru, Citroën, Toyota, Ford and other British cars have dominated here....

    DTM: yes, the MG's are hard core here....

    what fxxing planet are you from?
  16. F1: Sure if you forget McLaren and Brawn, all those British teams use french or German Engines.

    GT1: With a little help from Prodrive? Ferrari did not even want to homologate the car! Ferrari did everything in their power to not race the 550. Plus you are forgetting the Aston Martins.

    WRC: Citroen are French and the Toyota's were German. I do not know why you think they are British. But I appreciate that you concede Subaru and Ford are British, but it does not help your point. Unless you just do not know what you are talking about.

    Of course England's great strength in motorsports is not just the big teams or constructors, but the hundreds of small suppliers. Even if a race car is not made in England, there are lots of important bits that are. I can guarantee you that a good chunk of a Ferrari F1 engine, and F1 engines in general, is made in England.

    England is THE center of motorsports in the world and to think otherwise is just silly. No other country has the concentration of specialists that England has.
  17. this man gets it and has hit the nail on the head with that 2nd last paragraph.

    all carbon fiber is made in a 3 town area in England. all the blocks for Formula 1 engines are made by the same company in england. so how much (say a percentage) for Ferraris Formula 1 cars are made in England?
  18. where are most of these teams chassis engineers/developers/builders/teams based/from?

    for some reason England produces the best chassis for racing cars. even if a car isn't designed by a british company theres always a fair share of english people on those teams in those countries.

    EDIT: also why have you failed to answer that question that shut you up briefly in the FF thead?
  19. ha ha ha you are even more fun!

    Is Citroen really French?!? (Google sarcasm/irony if you need help)

    Yes Aston has done some GT racing and Prodrive did help (a lot) with the 550, and of course England is a BIG motorsport nation but that is pretty #$%#ing far from "95 % of all winning race cars are English" ....Jesus... why do I even bother....??
  20. I'm going to ask some background questions here and please refrain from avoiding them as I will keep bringing them up until answered.

    what do you do for a living?

    what (if any) connection does it have with the automotive industry?

    Besides your brother (we still don't know what his job is by the way) what other members of your family have jobs in the automotive industry?

    have you ever even seen a race live?

    have you ever worked on a car?

    have you ever worked on a race car?

    do you even know how to use a screwdriver?

    exacly how many times were you dropped as a child?
  21. what do you do for a living? Very relevant question as we are discussing racing...doh!

    what (if any) connection does it have with the automotive industry? Until 4 years ago I worked with marketing for a GERMAN car manufacturer. Did so for 4 years.

    Besides your brother (we still don't know what his job is by the way) what other members of your family have jobs in the automotive industry? He is a journalist (that's why I know the truth about the Porsche dealer Mr. harris)
    No, but I have friends working in the indystry.

    have you ever even seen a race live?
    Of course

    have you ever worked on a car?
    No why would I?

    have you ever worked on a race car?
    No why would I?

    do you even know how to use a screwdriver?
    I do, but everytime I want to use it it's hidden up in your ass. Please stop it even though you like it so much.

    exacly how many times were you dropped as a child?
    Ask my mum. She's 65 years old, just like the cars you like. Maybe you should invite her over for tea
  22. Ohhh, so you just did not know that Ford and Subaru rally cars with British.
  23. So much for not avoiding them, what's the answer to the first one?
  24. you being in marketing explains a so so much.

    I asked all the questions about jobs and working on things to find out if you have any base for any of your arguments.

    if I really wanted to shove something up my ass it would have some substance, say for instance, my head. however unlike your head I cannot get my head to insert itself so completely up my own ass as you can.

    I do love older cars. however I do also love newer cars and I don't just foolishly follow one company or country. I also understand the inner workings of both new and old street and race cars so if you want to learn something pay attention.
  25. Actually theyre very poignant questions. They establish the credibility of your comments.

    Basically you dont have any experience in the racing world and have no idea how it works, outside of what you see from press releases, which is leaps and bounds different than reality.

    Who did you work for in the auto industry? And what publication does your brother work for? Something tells me its not as credible as Mr. Harris's, which weve had several other people in the industry confirm.

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