Evo IX

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by GrimBeaver, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. Meh, it looks like a Kia Rio with a body kit. Japan will never design a 4 door that looks better than the IS300.
  2. It looks alot better in the dark silver color.
  3. IS300 looks like shit me.
  4. i don't think it looks like shit. i think it just looks boring... like most other jap cars.
  5. holy shit! its the 9th version of the exact same car!
  6. I would say the RX8 is the best looking Japanese 4 door car. (If you consider it a 4-door)
  7. They already have, it's called the G35.
  8. g35 in sedan form looks like shit.
  9. Like the VIII MR with 2 holes in the front air splitter. Nice.
  10. Meh, no comment. Never felt anything towards this car. Wouldnt mind having one though.
  11. The Acura TSX is a very good-looking Japanese four door.
  12. The G35 sedan looks like shit. It's 2 doors or nothing for that car.
  13. Awesome. I will have one.
  14. LOL. Is this really Evo 9 ? Surely there'd be bigger changes than a stupid looking set of small fog lights or whatever and a crap diffuser?
  15. what are you on drugs?
  16. That some good shit then.
  17. ahem Nissan Skyline R34 GTR.. or Lexus GS series..

  18. btw any specs of this car in english?
  19. Theres no 4 door r34 GTR...
  20. I love the EVO. Therefore, is it a bad thing that i could really give a shit less what EVO IX looks like? I mean, what's new except a gay front valence? *snore* why'd they bother?
  21. oh great, 8 more mitsu's in gran turismo 5
  22. its all downhill from 4 & 5....
  23. Well, at least it is fast...
  24. Mazda 6, Honda Accord/Acura TSX?

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