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Discussion in 'European Cars' started by mclaren777, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. I'm sorry if this was already posted but our search engine sucks balls.

    Evo Supercars is a bumper 260-page book bringing together all of our most lavish articles on the world's fastest cars.

    Join us behind the wheel of the Le Mans-winning Bentley EXP Speed 8; be inspired by Lamborghini's Murcielago driven high on the snow-covered Italian Alps, and find out what happens when you remove the speed limiter on the world's most potent production car, the Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG.

    On sale now exclusively at WHSmith high street branches priced £9.99. Available by post to overseas residents price £15.50 Europe and £19.95 for the rtest of the world.
  2. Has anybody seen this thing yet?
  3. No, I havent. I live in Canada so im guessing that it would cost me $45+.
  4. I've seen it for $30 in Barnes & Noble around here, I might buy it, but I already have a lot of the articles from the regular issues.
  5. So it is in America then?

    Edit: next time you go can you look for a shelf date so I know how long I can wait?
  6. ive seen it on shelves for over a month. i looked through it. i couldnt justify the price at the time, but i may go pick it up soon
  7. Location?
  8. barnes and noble

    i live in the santa barbara, CA area
  9. At Borders for a couple monthes
  10. you mean the secong supercar Year is out FINALLY? I must order it.
    I have the first one.
  11. Cool! I'll go to WHSmiths this week.
  12. is it a collection of all the tests or new tests ??
  13. Collection of tests from the year, might be some new stuff too, but I'm not sure.
  14. So since I haven't missed an issue this year, buying this would be kinda pointless, right?
  15. Yep, had a quick read of it the other week and there doesn't seem to be anything new.

    Autocar's annual "World's fastest cars" is far more worthwhile (being a weekly mag).
  16. Right, it is just a collection of articles. Great if you don't have the Evo issues already, but not useful otherwise. Would make a great gift, though.
  17. For the people who saw it in America; was it about $30?
  18. I already bought the autocar & topgear versions of the supercar year. There's only so many articles about the same cars you can take. I think I paid about 10 quid for the both of them.
  19. the one I have has a Modena on the cover. YEah it was about 25$
  20. Now I wish I had made a stop at heathrow as I usually do instead of taking a direct flight to LA
  21. I personally think evo is better than both of those combined so this is the only one I care about.
  22. I have read Evo Supercars in the shops. personally Evo is (like most of the british mags) overrated. It spouts the same metaphors to describe week in week out. Autocar seems to me to be ok generally, Top Gear is amusing to read but other than that nothing to go by technically.

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