Discussion in '1999 VeilSide Supra Limited' started by pagani racer, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. this is by far the ugliest supra ive ever seen in my life!
    i usually like veilside body kits but this is dirt
  2. I agree supras look ugly but this veilside body kit makes it look better than the stock.
  3. you ricer, who caes about the looks its the performance that matters
  4. Im not a rycer because then i would dig this car like a god.
  5. your so stupid dude he said nothing like wut u "agreed" with him for saying... and no1 worships u, u just have to tell yourself that to make up for ur tiny penis...
  6. 6DIA6BLO6 lol sweet man
  7. I agree with avalache its the performance that matters
  8. actually, companies like Gemballa and Koenig can't be considered r1cers. The underlying philosophy is "all show and no go", basically, they take a crap car and add a body kit, wings, etc. and they do nothing with the engine, and then they claim that their cars can beat out ferrari's and the like.

    And r1cer is used because most idiots used civics and the like because they're cheap, hence the term.
  9. horrible, but it is an excellent supra, i don't like the bodykit
  10. Performance bro! Performance! But honestly, I've got respECT for Japan model cars. Especially Toyota.
  11. I believe veilside is a part American company so anyone who likes this car isn't a ricer because they're liking something the Americans made better, or worse. you choose...

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