Exact Copy of Viper Mamba edition

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    Sorry to bust some bubbles around here, but this is nearly an exact copy of a Viper Color Scheme already in production.

    As you can clearly see, these Vipers are already in production. Hence this Vette is clearly a copy of Viper's already in production.

    So much for originality.

    Heres the link to some pics of the 2005 Viper Mamba Edition

    2005 Dodge Viper CC in Mamba Yellow

    2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10's located in DEALER INVENTORY
  2. Your absolutely right.
  3. Ha Ha that’s not a Momba color. The yellow in the bottom one was made for VOI-8 there are only 50 of them that color with the black. The comp coupe in yellow and black was made to look like the VOI-8 editions with it being the only one with that paint.
  4. Oh my god! Dodge should sue Chevy because they copied a paint job with a yellow car and a black center stripe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. .....yahoo....
  6. Did you ever take a look at the 04 CE Z06? Or the C5-R? Idiots...
  7. oh my gosh! eh?
  8. I think he was being sarcastic... This car is sic as hell!
  9. who cares!!! it's only a paint job!!
  10. First of all Corvette has had this paint shceme since 2000 all those vipers are 2004 or newer so I think you should shut your pie-hole. Just look at the C5R pre-2004(2004 was blue)
  11. ya, ur pretty damn stupid if you think the viper was the first car to ever be painted yellow with a black strip
  12. Then Chevy should sue dodge because the Competition grand sports were raced in blue with a white stripe liveries.

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