Excellent car!

Discussion in '2001 Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman AMG' started by laazn, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. The most beautiful cars i've ever seen in my life
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    I can't say that i'd mind being driven around in one of those, we have any idea what one of those costs?
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    that's gotta be just horrible to ride in. tv, internet, your own CD player, leather seats! I got to get me one of those!!!
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    sweet! i would like to see more of these on the street instead of cadillac and lincoln limos
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    Dude, if u had serios money, this would be the ultimate wank car. <!-- Signature -->
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    sweet limo one of the greatest limos.looks sporty from outside.<!-- Signature -->
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    think of this bad ass limo painted black and wit black windows!! SMOOOTH!!!
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    yo. this thing has lcd sattelite tv and dvd. i gotta get me a million bucks. i need a driver and some chicks. mercedes is money. money attracts babes. sweeT! i'm gonna be a millionaire<!-- Signature -->
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    I would love to have one of these, even better if they came in black or white. I'm wondering if the Brabus 6.7 Business Sedan is better than this, cause its a limo too, and it has all these features, like a network computer with a Pentium III, and TVs in various places, etc.<!-- Signature -->
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    this is one of the nicest cars around. i would kill to get one of these. somebody please tell me to kill someone.....just kidding. but seriously, an awesome car!<!-- Signature -->
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    i really don't see whats so beautiful about it, sure it's got an interior the size of your office, but it's just a streched out S-class. It isn't that beautiful.<!-- Signature -->
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    It's one of the best ever to come out of Mercedes-Benz.<IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><!-- Signature -->

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