Exclusive Lamborghini to debut at Frankfurt '07

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by menoy36, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. actually I left on my own free will. nice way to avoid everypoint I made you incompetant #$%#.
  2. if you just said that you'd be fine. but its your vain attempts at misquoteing and makeing up facts that pisses us off.

    really I want a list of every car you've ever driven worth more than 60k american dollars. while you're at it I also want a list of every car you've owned.
  3. Ok you'll see. I think this thread has run its course.

    Don't be disappointed at what you see in Frankfurt going for 1.5. 3 things are going to happen. They may not happen here publicly but 3 things will happen.

    The hardcore little kids are going to like what they see because of a slight bumper change.

    The apologist like Lambormina will make up excuse after excuse because it won't be anything ground breaking

    Then it will be a group of people that are going to laugh their asses off at anyone who paid 1.5 for this car
  4. answer the questions put infront of you.
  5. people dont know squate about Ferrari either, just what the marketing tells them (ie F1 car for the road, heritage this and that).

    LOL at your doors comment.
  6. FNAF... who the #$%# are you?

    I just want you to know that you fail so hard that you made me come out of retirement just to tell you.
  7. Yea, that seems really likely. Really kinda sad since this is a chance for lambo to really produce something special.
  8. if they can sell off all of them for that price, then its their good. personally, depending on what the car looks like, im more interested in any future LP640SV kinda thing.
  9. Ferrari has racing heritage.
    Lamborghini doesn't.
    Lamborghini has been more of a flashy brand.
    Ferrari has been more of a prestige brand.
    Ferrari is more track orientated.
    Lamborghini is more road orientated.
    Lamborghini's are driven more.
    Ferrari's are collected more.
    Ferrari's are generally faster.
    Lamborghini has now evened the field.

    Lamborghini was founded out of smite. It has done exactly what it was founded to do (build a better road car). A base Murcielago is faster than an Enzo on city streets, but slower on a track (Awd and common sense should explain this). Where i live there are around 120 Ferrari owners, and 40 lamborghini owners. I see Lamborghini's far more than Ferraris's because they are more of a "road" car. They are more of an "attention whore" as you could say FNAF and i sure don't mind. Ferrari's are more of a stored or track car, and Lamborghini's are more of a driver's car and have now become a track car as well, even beating Ferrari. They both make supercars, neither of which copy the other. If one was truly better than the other, by now, the other would have disappeared.

    My two favorite from each ( the F40 and the Miura ) are the perfect definition of a supercar. No one can deny that both companies make amazing cars that rival the best the world has to offer.

  10. ill jst w8 and watch for this one to show up
  11. The 612 is groundbreaking for the price?

    *above post is made while under the infulence of FNAF logic
  12. dude, If I had 400k to blow right now I wouldnt waste it on a Ferrari. everyone has a goddamned Ferrari. Its the ipod of supercars.
    Id buy something like the Bristol fighter S. At least it wouldnt be like anything else on the road. People who appreciate the art of making a supercar would probably not bother with Ferrari or Lamborghini in the first place and get a Spyker or Pagani. Besides that, people on this board could tell you I have really eccentric taste in car designs so I will probably love this car when its unveiled.

  13. Your tastes are more than eccentric mate. BTW, how soon do you plan on getting back to me on that info about that mid 90s Bizzarrini project?
  14. The 612 is the best GT out there . Simple as that. Better than a CGT, better than a CL65 , better than a DB9 , better than an M6 etc.

    It has won every comparo . It is the best handling , the best 4 seats , the more exclusive , the quality is very good ( maybe not as good as the bentley but certainly as good as the MB or the BMW ..)

  15. ^^he's right

    weren't there supposed to be pictures by now from the model @ pebble?
  16. I said groundbreaking, not good. Also, it's rather ugly. And yet again, I'd rather get on the waiting list for the good-looking DBS than for this.
  17. True.
  18. Well it is groundbreaking by the simple fact that MB, AM , BMW and Bentley cant put a package together as well sorted as the 612 . The DB9/DBS is a joke whe you think 2+2 , same as the CL . I have yet to seat in a 6er or in a Continental GT. But none offer driving involvement , speed , habitability , exclusivity , prestige and refinement as the 612 does. The fact that you think its ugly is moot.

  19. Stand by for Lambo’s mega-Murcielago

    24 August 2007

    Lamborghini is hotly tipped to wow the Frankfurt motor show with a new supercar that will become its most expensive model ever.

    Based on the range-topping LP640, the new model is rumoured to feature a radically different body, an overhauled engine and a new interior, and to be built in a limited run of just 20 cars.

    Super-rich collectors on the US west coast are understood to have been shown the car recently as a sales exercise ahead of the Frankfurt show.

    Together with the unique body panels, the new Lambo is also said to feature a new paint job and new interior trim.

    With these significant structural changes, the special edition will be a step up from the recent LP640 Versace, which was limited to 20 cars with 19 delivered to customers and one reserved for the factory museum.

    The Versace fetched a £55k premium over a ‘standard’ £225k LP640, but the new model is tipped to reach even further into the collector stratosphere with a price tag rumoured at a million Euros — that’s around £700k.

    At that price, it would cost double a Mercedes SLR 722 McLaren, and be three times the price of a Rolls-Royce Phantom. It’ll have to be special, then; stay tuned for more info from Frankfurt show press day on September 11. (Autocar)
  20. Let's hope this 9/11 isn't as tragic as 2001's. The hype is at max now, I hope Lambo marketing really knows what they're doing.
  21. sorry, I dont have much of any info to give. I only have pictures. there wasnt much press about the car and no website that I can find detailing it.
  22. pics?
  23. wait you mean BANDINI right?
  24. I asked a lambo dealer about it at the monterey car weekend and he said they were talking about coming out with an exclusive lambo, but not for a while. Who knows ...

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