Exclusive Lamborghini to debut at Frankfurt '07

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by menoy36, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Countach has 3 TR

    Black 512 TR, Silver Surfer Racer , Slutmobile.
  2. The P4/5 was a one off car that Glickenhaus asked Pininfarina to make it. This Lamborghini was a car that the the company decided to build by themselves.

    Also to my knowledge the only thing Ferrari had to do with this car was permit it to have the Ferrari badge.
  3. F40, CS and some nice 4dr. All I need.
  4. Didn't he sell the Slutmobile?
  5. Is Lamborghini being serious with this? Give me your Murcielago + $1 million and I can make a better bodykit and install a nav screen/center console...

    And i'll probably use the left over money to install a turbo kit and buy another Murcielago and replicate the process.

  6. it looks great, this is what lambos would have looked like if audi didnt meddle.

    and everyone STFU about the price, sure its overpriced, but none of you will be buying one. so stfu
  7. people seriously need to stop comparing this to that hideous P4/5 thing. that brought nothing new to the table, but design wise, this HAS.

    but, as any other radical design, it takes some getting used to. give it some time.
  8. I dunno theres nothing about this car thats really unique, but overall it is an awesome design.
  9. Aren't they both around 1.5 Mil?
  10. the Gallardo design was one of the edgier designs out there, this has taken the "edge" to a new level. whether or not you like it is personal preference (personally, I think it looks down right awsome), but put it next to pretty much every other supercar, and it would make them look borng and dated.
  11. Price wouldn't be an issue if this thing wasn't an LP640 with a bodykit and nav screen.
  12. No
  13. I hope it has something to give you, other than looks, more than a stock LP640 in order to justify the TRIPLED price. And WTF of a stupid name is Reventon? Lamborghini always gives cool names, this one makes me think of Remington.

    Edit: "The Reventon is named for a fighting bull that beat (read, "gored") a famous bullfighter in 1943" Ok, I take back my comment, but still sounds like REMINGTON
  14. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA no way I could have thought of that! Nice approach, +1. LOL
  15. I love the P4/5, but you're right in that it brough little new design language to bear, though it did have some rather unique details. And again, it was a LOT lighter than stock.

    I love the SHIT out of this design. I wish this was how they'd styled all the Murcis, it looks #$%#ing fantastic. And true, I'm not going to be buying even a normal one, but COME ON. THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION DOLLARS FOR A FACTORY RESTYLE? For that kind of money at least uprate the engine or give it better brakes or SOMETHING. It seems to me they just realized that fanboys would pay anything for a CRRRRAZY-lookin' car! so they made one and slapped a reschlongulous price tag on it to make it even more "exclusive". It's like a really gay way to show off that you paid a SHITLOAD for a car, just 'cause you could. Say what you will about the FXX, at least it was seriously uprated in just about every way from top to bottom and included the opportunity to be part of the Scudiera, arguably the best racing team of all time. I'm not trying to tifosi out on you, I love the hell out of this and Lambo in general, but really come on. The price doesn't match the product and unless I'm missing something or we're not being told the whole story regarding this car. Anyone who buys this has more dollars than sense.

    EDIT: P996T
  16. performance wise, the car is fantasitic and most owners wont drive the car often, let alone push it, and most people CANT push the car to its limits. its obvious that people are split on this and I can understand why.
  17. Innotech is retarded.
  19. only on Tuesdays.

  20. AHAHAHAHA! +1!
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  23. NO
  24. Most people couldn't push a Toyota Camry to its limits, myself included.
  25. Doubt you could sell em for more though. And like it or not, this car is a future classic. It will be known as an exercise in outrageous design by even lambo standards. This is more of an investment than anything else.

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