Exclusive Lamborghini to debut at Frankfurt '07

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by menoy36, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. The XJ220 was SEKZY.
  2. indeed, it also depreciated like crazy. Infact some of the cars took over 6 years to hit the road... Too many speculators at this level. everyone wants a quick buck
  3. Its cool that people are going to be silly enough to pay that much for one. Ill be excited when i see it because its different, but I would spend that money elsewhere
  4. Like a year ago I read that Jaguar still has some for sale, locked in wood crates in some deposit or something.
  5. ^_^
  6. ( . )( . )
  7. +1 nigger
  8. yes but this is also an age where the bugatti veyron is having production increases despite costing over a million bucks. The Lambo has a good chance at success. Especially at 20 units.
  9. I'm fully aware. However, the DB7 Zagato "only" cost 67% more than a regular DB7, and that's still a big hike percentage-wise. Regular LP640 to this is over a 400% increase. Also, this isn't a coachbuilt car, it's a limited edition factory model, designed in-house.
  10. The XJ220 always promised far more than it delivered. It was supposed to be an AWD V12 monster, who's spirit was then hobbled by them "just" taking an I6 and strapping on the largest turbocharger known to man, and completely scrapping the 4WD idea. The thing didn't handle, was impossible to see out of, and was absolutely HUGE!

    This Lambo will at least be an excellent supercar in its own right.
  11. Atleast it was faster then the V12 would've been.
  12. V6
  13. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  14. You are so blind. This is nothing but another face lifted Murcielago.
  15. Faster, possibly. But I think every single buyer would have traded in the outright speed for the added useability of NOT having to live with the biggest turbo lag in the world.
  16. The P4/5 was just another face lifted enzo. Seriously, and it cost like 4x as much as this.
  17. Huge difference.

    The P4/5 was meant to honor the previous P4 of the 60s. A legendary racing vehicle that actually accomplished a hell of a lot on a race track.

    JG wasn't trying to create anything "ground breaking" or new in design. He just wanted an updated version of what a P4 might look like in this era.

    Please stop trying to compare the 2 cars.

    The interrior of this Lambo is very nice, but the outside is laughable.
  18. I see how this works. Ferrari are looking back at the past and reminiscing about the days when they were better than lamborghini, while lamborghini are looking towards the future safe in the knowledge that ferrari are dust in their rear view mirror.
  19. LMAO!!!!!!

    If you say so.

  20. If you say so.
  21. The P4/5 was a one-off, a toy, comissioned by a privateer to a design house, not Ferrari.

    This thing is a "Limited Edition", designed and made by Lamborghini, "based" on a car that is 400% cheaper. And I say "based" because even Stevie Wonder can see that it's a Murcielago with an alien bodykit.

    If you don't see the difference between one and the other you're as retarded as Innotech.
  22. I don't see an argument here, I am a very big fan of Lamborghini, a lot more then Ferrari, but this car could be one of the most over-hyped disappointments for the car world in the past 5 years. I completely agree with pandabeat about the alien body kit, this is what would happen to an LP if you left it in Tokyo with the Fast and Furious cast for two weeks.
  23. Super hi-res. I officially love it.

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