Exclusive Lamborghini to debut at Frankfurt '07

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by menoy36, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. For what? We are having a civil discussion about Lamborghini's predictable marketing & boring predictable rehasing of the Gallardo & Murcielago. I'm not insulting or bashing or flaming any individual on this site.
  2. None, he owned a F355 in the past but sold it to get a SL55 AMG.
  3. The 430 S is obviously trying to get the attention away from the Gallardo SL and 997 GT2.
  4. The 430S is just continuing the 360/430 series started in 1999 when Lamborghini didn't even have a second car.
  5. None. He's mentioned in a couple of articles that the Gallardo was the easy choice because he doesn't think the Ferrari is terribly fun (although the F40 is his favourite car of all time). On the other hand, now he's not keen on his Gallardo because it isn't practical. I'm counting down the days until he decides that all he wants is a Mondeo, or possibly a bicycle (god knows he could use one).

    Nortad does have a point about the FXX. Anything the clients are able to add to the development process could have been done much more proficiently by a qualified test driver. The program does indeed have significance regarding the development of the next supercar, but mostly it's a way to milk the most passionate clients: they're saving money on paying test drivers AND receiving a small fortune per customer.
    The new Lambo's purpose is to be a ridiculously fast. Which is the purpose of every supercar. Since when was that not good enough?

    Finally, are you still on about Lamborghini always trying to copy or upstage Ferrari? For the hundredth time, you're full of cock. You don't just come out with a 1.5m euro supercar. It takes a lot of work to get it to a presentable stage. They'd have decided a LONG time in advance to display it at the Frankfurt show. They didn't just invent the car last week as soon as they heard that Ferrari would be presenting the Scuderia.

    :last-minute edit: The reason people want to ban you is because you're the most frighteningly fanatical troll I, for one, have ever seen.
  6. why would they use a professional driver for the development rather than a amateur?

    Yes lamborghini is there triyng to get attention, but Ferrari is also playing that game, the diference (and its a big one) is that Ferrari has racing heritage to back it up. The FXX and its "client-test-driver" is BS, its rich idiots playing racing driver. The only thing they might bring new is some pointers on more confy seats, better stereo or something like that. In no-way is it gonna influence the aero package or engine or suspension setup of future cars, is just show.
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    Oh My God!!
    Its Epic
    In traffic its brilliant
    On country lanes its brilliant
    Ferrari is now are just on an all new level, THEY ARE WAY AHAED OF ANYONE ELSE
    This car is just........staggering

    OH MY GOD!!!!
    OH OH!!!!!
  8. I dont think FNAF understand the whole point of an Autoshow. its a giant advertisement. but im sure Ferrari is there because they love the people.

    I wonder how much its costs to display cars in Frankfurt, you know, $/sqaure foot.
  9. Aren't you the least bit embarrassed? As much as you apologize & make excuses for Lamborghini you're trying to defend this to. They simply can't make a car leave it alone & let it sell for itself. Isn't it embarrassing to you they keep rehasing the same cars with different names & paint schemes for obvious attention?
  10. You missed the point of the FXX program. I dont know if you are on Ferrari chat , but there are 4 FXX owners and they all love the program. Nobody is foulishly thinking they are doing a better job than MS but their feedback is very important to Ferrari as customers and future owners of the next supercar.

    The program is flawlessly organized and take them to all over the world on the best tracks ( Suzuka, Paul Ricard, Silverstone , Bahrein etc..). They just need to show up .

    The new lambo purpose is to be fast ? Well,guess what, it will fail. It will be fast but slower than a Veyron in acceleration times and slower than an FXX on the track. Slower than a used 90's F1 that you can buy for 1/3 of the price and still maintain for 5 years..
    I dont see the purpose of this car other than to cash out purely on the lambo mystique, that is why they are only selling 20.

    Why such a high price ? From what i have read the car will not be groundbreaking in terms of racing technology, nor will it be super powerful..Oh yeah it will have a Jet fighter cockpit..hmm that reminds me of another cock up..Vector.

    Also, why would it take so long to present a car ? So far they presented sketches , and possibly a 1/4 model at Pebble Beach. The real question is , when will the deliveries start ?
  11. What would you call what has been with the 612?
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    Go ask the FXX drivers if they think its BS. Arent you a tad jealous to be insulting them repeatedly ?

    Stop talking out of your ass. Most of those FXX drivers have a long history with supercars from Ferrari and the competition but also a lot of track time. Rik , for example is the owner of the Team Modena, whose cars have raced at LE Mans several times , SPA 24h..etc.

  13. ??
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    Some of you at this point will think I’ve gone mad. And that if I want a mid-engined supercar I should go for the Ferrari 430, which is faster and much better. True, but Ferrari these days are just a bit too up themselves for my liking.

  15. Apparently I did get the point of the FXX program because you basically gave a positively spun version of what I said. There's nothing wrong with what Ferrari is doing though, in fact it must be great fun if you can afford it, but I don't think it's a relevant arguing point.

    You think 700+bhp is going to fail at being fast? You don't have to break records to produce a great car. All I'm saying that the point of the car is exactly the same as the point of any other supercar. If it's not awesome fun and face-disfiguringly fast then it'll have failed.
    I do absolutely agree with you that the way this new car has been sold suggests that it's trading on dubious principals. You'd have to be a bit of a mark to part with vast sums of money upon the presentation of a small model, even though the tiny production number guarantees high residuals. But given what we've heard, it seems like a much more different car than even the LP640 was (and despite how it looks, that was a comprehensive overhaul). Personally I'm very curious.

    :edit for your edit: Early R&D and design (given that increased aerodynamics is a selling point they should really have taken a prototype into a windtunnel at the very least before producing the model, otherwise clients could complain about the end product being too different from what they signed up for), and *I think* 2008. I could be wrong on that one though, I haven't been paying that much attention.
  16. heres the truth. current Lamborghini is #$%#ing awesome. Current Ferrari is total shit. End of story.

    And never forget who created the Miura. Do people talk more about the Daytona or the miura in talks of the most beautiful classic supercar?
    Lamborghini beat Ferrari to the first mid engined production supercar. that pretty much makes Ferrari a follower in that regard. I dont thinnk anyone discounts Ferraris history and thre things they accomplished, but seriously, there are a ton of supercars that make todays Ferrari look like a #$%#ing joke.
  17. I can understand that some people just 'hate' Lamborghini for whatever reason, but I'm confused as to why people are LOLing at the new car's dashboard... when none of us have ever seen it before.
  18. I think if the point of this Lambo is to be fast for 1m Euros then it has to be as fast as the current fastest car. If its going to be faster than a LP 640 but slower than a Veyron ,it will fail its point.

    Im very curious too but i still fail to see how this car is worth 1m euros. Based on the 640 which is based on the Murcielago which was based on the Diablo....
  19. That thread is so Picard.jpg

    Andrew tu me de�ois je pensais pas que tu avais un fanboy cach� sous ton bronzage
  20. the point of this Lambo is to fulfill the dreams of a specific rich owner. Ferrari did the same hting and continues to work with coachbuilders to build specialty cars. This is no different and its nowhere near the first mega expensive exclusive coachbuilt Lamborghini.

    James G's car is the same exact idea this car is. a one off specialty dreamcar. Is his car thusly a failure too? It definitely isnt as fast as a veyron. The truth is, NO company vcan resist some publicity and Ferrari is definitely not immune to it. they are the biggest attention whores in the whole industry.
  21. Je suis un fanboy mais j'adore lambo pre Murcielago. Et je trouve cette idee de lambo a 1m d'euros ridicule si tu consideres que tu achetes une murcielago recarossee. Je ne deteste pas Lambo d'aujourd hui..Leurs voitures sont tres bien faites et construites mais elles me laissent froid. Une ligne seche, un tableau de bord fade , 4 roues motrices , un moteur qui puise des pieces a droite et a gauche chez VAG..

    Mais par contre si tu me parles de Miura , 350 GT ou une belle Countach 4000 S , je craque.
  22. Aren't the Veyron and McLaren F1 worth vastly more than 1m euro? I'm not an expert on foreign pricing, but I think it's more the Enzo's pricepoint... which as far as I know isn't the world's fastest car on the road or track, but is brilliant in itself.

    You've got a point on it being too much money for something that started life as a Murcielago (although depending on how well-engineered the car is, that could turn out to be a subjective issue), but on the other hand there's the Alfa 8C excuse that exclusive numbers command exclusive prices. A tiny number of people are going to get the experience of driving the fastest Lamborghini ever made, and they're paying through the nose for it. And if they decide to sell it on, they won't be losing any money.

    By the way, is it true that the Murcielago was based on the Diablo?
  23. The P4/5 goal was to pay hommage to the P cars of the 60's which it does in spades.

    Ferrari's supercars are always expensive but not to a ridiculous point where you have to ask yourself why is this so expensive ?
    For example , i dont think the Zonda R price tag is ridiculous given its spec sheets.
  24. even after I posted a Lamborghini already that was.

    and then theres the Stealth supercar that literally looksl ike a F117A.
  25. In your dreams.

    BTW the Miura was built by ex Ferrari employees who learned how to build race cars at the Ferrari factory.

    If a supercar ala Veyron or Koenigsegg make the Enzo look like a joke then Lamborghini can't even be considered a super car. Lamborghini trails every super car maker in today's market. Even the SLR.

    Lamborghini even though they are being built by Audi are the joke. Suped up Audis produced in Germany assembled in Italy with a bull badge.

    Has anyone answered. What's the point of this car again?

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