Exclusive Lamborghini to debut at Frankfurt '07

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  1. I dont understand your comparison with the Enzo/McF1/Veyron.

    The Veyron and F1 were sold for 1M euros and $1m respectively ( Without taxes for the BUG ) . But , they both were worth it ( IMO ) as they arent based on anything else, have been engineered for god knows how long and are ( were ) ground breakers when launched.

    This Lambo, again based on what we know will not be groundbreaking on anything else other than being the most expensive Lambo ever or having a Jet fighter bespoke paint..

    As for the 8C , i also think its overpriced but still not in a ridiculous manner as is this Lambo.

    I wonder if those who will sell the car, will make their money back. I remember Mc F1s and CLK GTR were available on the used market for much less than their MSRPs..and those cars were rightfully expensive.

    The Murcielago engine is based on the Diablo. I dont remember how much but it is not a new design. As for the chassis , transmission etc, id have to research on it.
  2. I'm not being funny but to answer your question.

    Lamborghini doesn't have a heritage so to speak. At least nothing to be taken serious & defenitely nothing worthy on any track at any time. They have nothing to pay homage to. This is why they have to create gimmicks like the F22 dashboard & outrageous styling. They want people to ignore the actual technology & performance of the car & focus on the attention.

    Panda is a genius when he coined the phrase "attention whores". Its ridiculous for a modified Murcielago to be more expensive than an F1.
  3. Yet somehow the Lambo's seem to be faster on a track then their respective Ferrari competitors.
  4. Ferrari was making mid engined cars before the Miura. The only reason they didnt do it before was that Enzo didnt believe in the configuration for road cars , thinking it would be too dangerous for most drivers ( dont forget the press back then was always holding him responsible for the death of pilots or spectators who died when a Ferrari race car crashed..).

    But they already had a long history with ME cars such as the 250 P, 250 LM...
  5. The 599 GTB is as fast as the LP640 on the Nring where the LP was extensively developped..
  6. Lamborghinis are cool and look sweet. What's your problem?
  7. Good point. Anyone who knows & understands the true history of both companies & accept the facts as they are will realize F Lamborghini was a great opportunist & cunning businessman when it came to copying the best.
  8. Reading one of FNAF posts is like opening a can of carbonated piss that has been shaken, hard.
  9. On the matter of the Lamborghini engine, all Lambo V12s are an evolution of the original 3.5 liter 350hp Bizzarini creation in the 350GTV.
  10. I hate how FNAF can't even grasp the fact is Lambo is Ferrari's counterpart, how retarded can someone be?
  11. Hard to say. Lambo has 0 racing history. Id say Porsche is similar to Ferrari with a different approach.
  12. It may not have much of a racing history, but it's awesome that Audi with a more expansive racing heritage than Ferrari took over and is making Lambo really successfull now.
  13. Enzo believed in front engine for racing too. only reason he went to midengine was because he was getting his ass handed to him.
  14. what is the point of this car? I dont know, whats the point of any supercar? what was the point of an Enzo? it sure as hell didnt brake any records. on the straight it gets owned by the F1 made 8 years prior and around the track repeatedly got its ass handed to it be the Carrera GT.

    why is lambo charging 1.5 million? because they can. if the could charge 700K vs 1.5 mil and have it sell out either way, why ON EARTH would they charge the 700K? who in their RIGHT MIND would charge the 700K and not 1.5M?

    and if anyone here thinks that the F60 or any other supercar is even going to come close to a Veyron, you better get your head checked. around a track, Id like to see the supposed F60 take on the S7TTC.

    We pretty much know that the F60 is going to be another million dollar supercar, so by the logic of those on FNAF's side, if id doesnt outaccelerate the Veyron and outlap the S7TTC, its a POS.
  15. Je suis pas aun grand fan de la murcielago ou de la gallardo (Si seulement la SL avait été une propulsion <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> ) pour les même raisons que toi mais j'attend toujours de voir ce que ils peuvent nous pondrent.

    Maintenant si c'est uniquement pour rouler des mécaniques en disant que lambo est tout aussi exclusif que bug ou ferrari pcq ils ont aussi une édition limitée a 1 million ... Je pense que la je vai moi aussi avoir une dent contre lamborghini.
  16. I couldn't care less if this new Lambo isn't faster than a Veyron in a straight line. I'd much rather have it be faster on the track, which it surely will be.
  17. it wont be. and neither would an Enzo or most other supercars. on a much shorter track, cars like the G SL or F430S would rule. on a large track the Veyron would rape.
  18. Since when did Veyron become awesome on the track? Don't tell me because JC said it felt like a "big Lotus Elise"
  19. Great post, thanks
  20. Dude Where's My Car is the greatest film ever made.

    I may edit this post in the morning when I am sober.
  21. this is quite possibly the worst thread ever. I must take part in this.

    I couldnt care less how fast (or slow) this new lambo is, i don't care if lamborghini doesnt have racing heritage, i don't care if there is no point to this car whatsoever. Lamborghinis aren't supposed to have a point. They're supposed to be stupid crazy awesome looking cars. See for example: miura, countach, diablo, murcielago etc.
  22. anything it looses on the corners, it will easily make up on the straights. its not a track car, but you only need to watch that SLR vs Veyron race to understand HOW fast that car is. it will equal the best of the best in braking too. but since its not a track car it wont be doing it for a long time. keep in mind that even with lighter cars like the CCX, with road tires they can not get the powerdown the way the Veyron can. coming out of a corner the driver of a Veyron can COMPLETELY floor it whereas other cars cant.
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    And yet he still bought a Gallardo Spyder.

    I like how you ignored the fact that he doesnt own any Ferraris.
  24. You don't know under what circumstances he got the car. Lamborghini could have bribed him for the publicity & given him the car. He could have bought it well below their MRP. What a Gallardo is truly worth, about 100k dollars.
  25. roflmao! now lambo is bribing JC! its a huge consiparacy! FNAF has cracked the code!

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