Exclusive Lamborghini to debut at Frankfurt '07

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by menoy36, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Considering we are in the 21th century I find really hard to believe that lambo managed to keep such a car secret for month.

    How did they develloped it ?

    Maybe it will be the "production" version of the muria concept ...

    But if they do so they better not put their #$%#ing 4wd or I'll burn the factory down.
  2. not a Miura.we know that much.
  3. FNAF is probably his 2nd/3rd/4th/whatever account.
  4. Im starting to think Lamborghini only wants to get attention with this car. I dont really see the point of it.

    1.5 millions for 20 extra hp over the LP640 and it even share some parts with the LP. I rather buy a McLaren F1 LM with that money.
  5. Even Stevie Wonder can see its just for attention.
  6. Every thread here involving Ferrari or Lambo seems to go to the crapper.
  7. You'll notice they didn't do during that brief, blissful time when FNAF was banned.
  8. no, the ferrari threads are safe. no one goes into them and starts crap. its the lambo threads that keep going down the shit hole. and the lambo + ferrari thread are pretty much ticking time bombs.
  9. and none of those buyers will have the experience out of their money as the Caparo T1 or a Veyron. whats your point?
  10. Ferraris are very much ridiculously expensive. It is a company so full of itself that its about to explode. No other company makes special edition supercars and only lets chosen people buy them. thats complete arrogant bullshit.
  11. and made more exciting cars.
  12. by a ford :0

    Not to mention the whole answer to the countach, the BB, which still didnt attract the kind of attention Countach did. I mean seriously, Im not a lambo fanboy but the hate against them is retarded (Im a MCA GTB fanboy obviously)

  13. If they wanted to go fast in something else, they will buy something else, if they wanted to go fast in a Ferrari, they will buy a fast Ferrari

    why can't you understand this very simple concept, enough of your bullshit already, please
  14. Get your facts straight, bro - maybe then you can be taken more seriously. Yet again, your history is off, and you just say what you think sounds bad for Ferrari (not that the "Fords" your referring to are anything to scoff at or anything to be ashamed of being beaten by). Hate against Ferrari is just as retarded as the hate against Lamborghini that you claim to decry so much.

    The whole car industry was going mid-engined. Yes, Enzo was reluctant to go that way too. But it wasn't "getting his ass handed to him by a Ford" that made the company start the transition. Ferrari's first mid-engined racecar was the 1961 F1-championship winning V6 engined 156. Development of the LM started in 1963, when Ferrari was still kicking ass in the GTO (winning Group 3 World Championship for Manufacturers, yet again). And, by the way, it's not like Ferrari's initial reluctance handicapped the car or their results - chassis 5893 LM took overall victory at Le Mans in 1965, carrying on where the previous racers had left off. Shame about homologation in the GT class, but that's a function of number of cars built, not whether Ferrari was "late" in coming out with the design, which they really weren't.

    No real response to your "the Countach is showier that the BB" argument, as clearly it is. I don't know what that's really meant to prove, but there it is.
  15. No you got it all wrong as usual. Ferrari selects clients to protect the brand & to control price gouging. Ferrari has repeatedly asked the dealer networks NOT to sell the 599 way over MSP, but they do because the car is that hot. They frown upon the 599 being sold for 500k but they can't control what people are willing to pay for them.

    When they make a supercar they select individuals who they feel are SERIOUS ABOUT DRIVING & people that won't get the car then immediately sell it for huge profits. They did it with the F50 leasing program. Its not their fault people want their cars so damn bad. Well it is their fault. Ferraris are bad ass, they look sound & drive awesome. Its the car every other car company wants to be.

    So be quiet before you accuse Ferrari of being arrogant. They aren't going to sell F50s Enzos & the F60 to posers like you who just want to cruise in something that looks like a spaceship or thieves to whore their cars out for profit.

    That's what Lamborghini is doing with this yet again "new" Murcielago. Whoring it just for profit under the guise its a "collectors" item.
  16. Ferrari pushed the boundaries of, or simply broke, homologation rules whenever possible. A la 250LM.
  17. wow, a 7 page thread :-/
  18. dude, stop living in fantasy dream land. most Enzo owners are old men who would have heart attacks at the limit of the car. the cars stay in the garage most of the time.

    for the guys who drive their exotics, props to them.

    and ya, im sure Ferrari goes "please dont sell 599s for 500K", lol.
  19. Yes, and with the LM they failed. It had to be run in the Prototype class.
  20. Hey poser you are pretty clueless.

    The Enzo is a collectors item meant to be driven! As is the F40, F50 & 288.

    Ferrari has no control over the mark up by US dealers. They DO NOT encourage them to oversell any car. But since the 599 is so ground breaking for a GT they can't stop people willing to pay 500k for one.

    Nothing is ground breaking about the LP640 or the MurcielagoVTF22 or the SL. The SL gets the same performance as the SE but they want you to pay through the roof for one even though they have no racing heritage to base the SL on. LOL!!!!!

    The the flag top paint scheme on the blue Gallardo is another prime example of trying to rip customers off. You can take a Gallardo to any shade tree paint shop in America & have that done.

  21. Hey dude, do you own a Ferrari?
  22. lmao, you think most exotics, whether Ferrari or Lamborghini or Pagani or whatever, are driven the way they were designed? get out of your mom's basement and you might realize what type of people actually buy these cars. most are a bunch of show offs. the other, much smaller percentage are on the internet and are enthusiastic about their cars.

    the flag was done by a dealer. simple as that. just like the body kit on the green Gallardo that was coined as the Gallardo GT. it was just a car with a body kit. and no it wasnt a conspiracy with the factory telling the dealers to make one offs.

    saying the SL has the same performance as the SE is like saying the F430 S is going to have the same performance as the F430. but then again, by your logic, adding 10 hp and removing 220 lbs is a gimmick but adding 20 hp and removing 220 lbs is hardcore, lol. I guess the F430S is just another of Ferrari's gimmicks to get attention from Porsche and their awsome GT2.

    Ferrari, as well an ANY OTHER COMPANY, whether its cars or condoms, whats to sell their products at the highest $$ possible.

    so are you gonna provide any sources to your other BS claims? or are you gonna ignore this last part of my post?
  23. He is like 12 or something.

  24. Actually I must say i do agree with lambornima in most of this thread.

    And wow FNAF is hilarious with how he just ignores the decent points against him. I once pointed out all of the ferraris that had been updated through the years (pretty much every model), and imagine that, he never posted about it.

    And there ARE alot of cars debuting at frankfurt. All of them have been in the works for a long ass time. Its not like they were just thought up yesterday and were like "HA! IM GOING TO TRUMP FARARRY!" Im sure they did want to get some publisicty (just like the p4/5 did, or any of the other custom ferraris have in the past), but still, this was a long time coming. You could say the 430S is just trying to take away the spotlight from the 997 GT2.

    and I still dont get how he can say the final product that lambo puts out is bad. Theyre some of the best supercars made. You can say that the "impurity" isnt for you, but calling them bad cars is just plain ignorant.

    also: FNAF, have you ever driven a ferrari? A lamborghini? A turbo/GT3/GT2 911?
  25. also: its totally 100% true that most supercars are owned by people that dont give 2 shits about anything but the name. It doesnt seem like that though because we see and meet the ones that do care about the cars (theyre the ones on the forums/at the meets and trackdays, not the status only guys).

    and about amature test drivers vs pro ones: The reason they use pros is because A: they know the car is actually at its limit, B: the pro is much more consistent, C: the pro can pinpoint what needs to be changed much easier (ie: needs .5 degrees less camber in rear right because its oversteering on left turns, instead of "its oversteering a bit"), D: the pro knows how far the limits can be (from driving race cars).

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