Exelero or Sixteen

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  1. What would you prefer - Maybach Exelero or Cadillac Sixteen?

    Both are 139 cm high.

    Exelero is 589 cm long. It has 2 doors, and 6 l V12 engine producing 700 horsepower. It weighs 2660 kg.

    Cadillac Sixteen is just 567 cm long, but in this space go 4 doors, and 13,6 l V16 engine producing 1000 horsepower. The weight is just 2270 kg.

    How do the acceleration and maximum speed of Sixteen compare against Exelero, considering Sixteen is lighter, smaller and more powerful?

    Oh, and Sixteen also has displacement on demand - it can run on as few as 4 cylinders. What is the fuel burn of Sixteen on a road, at steady 90 km/h?
  2. exelero, easiest choice ever.
  3. Dude, your pics. They aren't loading for me.

    Fix it.

    [lay-out fixed]

    The Sixteen. To me the Exelero looks like some chinese concept.
  5. Sixteen by far
  6. Just look at the back of the Exelero.

  7. Wait Wait Wait, the 16 is smaller despite having 4 doors? Lighter despite having a huge v16? What the #$%# did they make the exelero out of?
  8. It's made out of awesome, one of the heaviest elements on the tables
  11. what is your obsession with the physical size of vehicles? Every one of your threads have vehicles dimensions listed out, like it makes some kind of a difference.
  12. Korean or Chinese.
  13. i love huge cars
  14. they shouldve build the exelero.
  16. sixteen because of the originality
  17. sixteen. concepts rarely come so bespoke and so thoroughly complete. in a small way, I'm surprised it never made it to production, but in a much larger way there's just no way.
  18. I've always loved the Exelero, but IIRC it doesn't even have A/C lol.
  19. Consider the top level vehicles that actually ARE produced. Yes, physical size is important because, unlike "grace" or "style", it can be pinned down with numbers and compared, apples to apples.

    Rolls top product is Phantom, and Phantom Drophead and Phantom Coupe. Phantom Coupe is 2 doors, but 4 seats. Length 561 cm, height 159 cm (yes, Drophead and Coupe are very high for sports cars!), weight 2590 kg - and 6,75 l V12 giving 450 hp.

    Bentley? Their sports cars include Brooklands (2 door, 4 seat, 541 cm long, 147 cm high, 2680 kg weight, 6,75 l V8 giving 530 hp).

    For people who want more than Phantom Coupe or Brooklands, what would their options be? Obviously the less sporty Arnage R and Phantom, as well as Maybach (who does not have any sports coupes actually produced in lineup, just two sedans).

    Cadillac Sixteen, if produced, would be slightly longer than Arnage R, and smaller, far more powerful and faster than a Maybach or Rolls Phantom. Four doors, with real back seats. Would Sixteen give value for money, for the people who could afford Phantom LWB, Maybach Landaulet or Bugatti Veyron?
  20. You're asking whether a GM-product gives value for money?
    Not often, and in this class, brand status is important as well (think of the sales failure of the pretty competent VW Phaeton a class lower)
  21. Yes, but that lower class is crowded. 4 door sedan with a bit over 5 m length and a bit over US$ 100 000 price? VW Phaeton. Audi A8. BMW 7-series. Mercedes S-class. Cadillac STS. Toyota Century. Maserati Quattroporte. Jaguar XJ. Lincoln Town Car. I am sure I missed several, maybe some of the list do not quite fit. But what is the selling point of Phaeton?

    Whereas Cadillac Sixteen, with its huge power and sportiness, is completely alone. The only other 1000 hp car being Bugatti Veyron which has half the number of seats and doors for five times the price. And those 1000 hp, since they are achieved by 4 chargers on a mere 8 l engine, are not available at low rpm, unlike the 13,6 l, naturally aspirated Sixteen. Plenty of unique selling points...
  22. i cant believe so many people like the sixteen. it's fugly.
  23. physical size doesnt mean anything or really correlate well to anything though.

    Theres more room in the back of a classic mini than in a 911.

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