Exit Wounds

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  1. This is the same car as in Exit Wounds, DMX knows how to hadle this beast.<!-- Signature -->
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    wasn't the car a millennium roadster?<!-- Signature -->
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    yes i belive so and thats the only thing that made the film ok.
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    That and Steven Segal driving a hummer. They had some bad ass cars in that dealership scene huh?
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    Not DMX, some stuntdriver
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    dmx wos heavy in exit wounds!!
    And exit wounds was heavy in itself.
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    I've seen that movie a million times.. It's always on HBO or Skinamax. And it IS A VT Millenium Roadtster (I would know it's my favourite car ever) And yeah actually it was a stuntdriver in most of the scenes except closeups (many of which the car is parked on a truck and being towed to give the illusion of the car moving.)
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    its funny cuz its based in america..i forget where its based in the states..yet u see a Tim Horton's in the background cuz they taped it in good ol toronto
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    ya Toronto rocks for this sort of thing.

    I stumbled upon Stallone filming that "driven" movie a few years ago. He was sitting in the indy car as it was towed behind a filming truck.

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