Exotic cars designed by Gandini

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  1. Vote for you favorite among the exotic cars styled by Marcello Gandini.

    Miura is my favorite among these. Diablo GT and SE30 are also among the best looking high performance ecars.
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  3. No contest in my eyes.

  5. So I voted EB110
  6. diablo/eb110
  7. Countach
  8. EB110 for me please.

    I adore that car.
  9. Miura, seriously guys, what's going on here? The Carabo is really awesome though, so is what's under the body.
  10. I voted other. Dunno what. Just "Other"
  11. Miura or EB110
  12. lambo should have their next car designed by him too.
  15. You know what else was a Gandini?
  16. But seriously, I cancel my EB110 vote and go for "other"
  17. That looks good.
  18. *ejaculation*
  19. Shit that's awesome!

    Still have to go with the Miura though.
  20. best designer. period.
  21. guigiaro disagrees.
  22. I'm surprised nobody has voted Alfa Romeo Carabo yet. It's a pretty awesome car, and probably the most exotic looking car of the 60's.
  23. for me it's a toss up between Diablo and Miura
  24. The Lamborghini Marzal was a pretty wild 60s Gandini design too, 4 seats, with one set of gullwing doors, and a Miura chassis with a transversely mounted inline 6. The Carabo is still much cooler though, in fact the more I look at it the more I reconsider whether I still prefer the Miura.

    3 Marzal, and one cool Carabo pic with Gandihi himself admiring it.

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