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  1. 1. don't be ignorant, its the same rearend as a mustang.
    2. i was hoping for the ring and pinion to be fine.
  2. null
  3. 88000, when i bought it it had 68000. The differential was chipped when i bought it, maybe cuz the cops didn't take care of it
  4. damn fords always breaking down
  5. My point stands, I've replaced more than one 8.8 inch Ford rear.

    I assumed that, but if something grenades in there unless you stop immediately (and most of the time not even then) tons of damage will occur.
  6. Here you go.
  7. I was always given the impression that Ford built decent rear ends. Unfortunately everything else they put on or in a car was crap and bound to catch fire or fail sooner or later.
  8. The GM 10 bolt is currently pretty crappy, take one apart after it screws up and you'll most definately see a little groove on the spider gears.

    The Ford 8.8" is better (in my opinion) than the 10 bolt, but it doesn't do so hot when compared to the Ford 9".
  9. Ah, I must have been hearing about the 9-inch rear end
  10. i know the 9" is better but i don't have money to get one. the 8.8 is decent but it broke because of the way that i drive, and it was the differential ring gears that caused all of the damage.

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