"extends beyond my presidency..."

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by stewacide, Sep 13, 2007.

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  2. You've got to be shitting me. You seriously think that the reason Bush isn't pulling out all the troops now is because he wants to pin all the blame on his successor? Holy crap.
  3. Nothing this Idiot does surprises me and he's leaving problems he created we'll be dealing with for decades.

    What does surprise me are the gullible goobers that STILL support Bush unconditionally because they think he's "radical" it takin' it to those intent on doing us harm, what a joke!

    If he was really radical he'd a Nuked Afghanistan right after 9/11 and the whole world woulda gasped and then said nothing while shakin' in their boots!

    Nuking Afghanistan is also the only way this fool could ever get Osama Bin Laden.

    Radical, how about Nuking Mecca, making it glow in the dark for about a 1000 years! Use a Russian Nuke, so when the signature's identified, we through our hands up and say see, Nukes are dangerous that's why we try so hard to keep Iran from getting them. Musta been some kinda an accident, Arabs trying to get the bomb, eh?

    Saudi Arabia is one of America's most venomous, clandestine enemies and well funded too, BY US!

    Close with a classic;

    "Our enemies never stop thinking about ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." - George W. Bush
  4. Grab the gas can and help nature run its course?
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  6. Was there ever any doubt?
  7. That there'd be no plan for withdrawal before Bush was gone? Very much so. Things reached a boiling point aboutt a year ago (i.e. after the midterms, Rumsfeld resignation) where something was going to have to give.

    In retrospect the 'surge' was brilliant as a delaying tactic, since he can ride out the next year with a virtual withdrawal (i.e. a wind-down of the surge), and drop it in the next guy's lap. If you watched his speech he made it sound as if this was a withdrawal ("home by christmas", etc.) when in fact it's simply a return to the status quo.
  8. You're insane. Iraq was going completely to shit last year. Hence, the surge. It blows my mind that you honestly think he did that just to waste time. Logic is really not your friend. It was either have the surge and really crack down or bail out right then and hand it over to whoever had the most guns. The surge has had a fair amount of success and Iraq appears to be relatively stabilized, so now the surge troops can begin to come home. Then once they're all back home (next summer or so), we'll see if it all goes back to shit again. If it does, then all bets are off and I'm sure all the troops will be headed home. If it doesn't go to shit and progress continues, then we'll slowly withdraw troops, as the Iraqis get stronger, until we're down to whatever low level would be deemed a "full" withdrawal. That's the plan. That's been the plan the whole time. What do you think a "plan" should say? You think that when we invaded back in 2003, we should have said "We're going to do X by July 2004, we're going to do Y by January 2005, we're going to do Z by August 2005, and then we're leaving, regardless of what the reality on the ground is."? I never understood what people were thinking a "plan" would like, other than exactly what we're doing.

    The plan has always been for us to be there until the government and the military were in place and strong enough to keep control if things flared up. They obviously couldn't keep control last year, which is why we didn't draw down any troops at that point and why we actually needed to add more. But now they've had more time under their belt (especially important for the military - remember, we had to help them build a brand new military completely from scratch) and hopefully they've seen what will happen if they don't get it together from what happened last year. Now everybody agrees that the military has really been doing well, so that appears to be in good shape. It still needs work, obviously, but given the circumstances, the development of their military has worked very well. The government is still sort of pulling in different directions, but at least they're all moving in the correct general direction. The police force is a huge cluster#$%#, but the weakening of al Qaeda and the Shia militias should help that. The good news is that things are finally moving in the right direction, as opposed to last year when they were decidedly moving in the wrong direction. That's got to be seen as a plus, especially considering how close we were last year to a complete meltdown. Obviously there's still a lot of work to be done, but things are finally moving along the way they're supposed to be. Now we'll just see if it continues when we draw down the surge.

    I don't know how you can possibly think this is a return to the status quo. First of all, what does that even mean? Yes, we were basically just biding time for a few years while we tried to get them on their feet, but once that started to really blow up (often literally) in our faces last year, we changed direction and went back at them hard. And probably the most important thing is our much closer involvement in the communities. I think people initially were ready to support al Qaeda or anybody else who had a strong presence that didn't happen to be wearing an American flag on their sleeve, but I think most of them realized that they were much worse off that way, so now they're actually working with us. We'll see if it continues.

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