Exterior Styling Comparo: Entry Level Luxury Cars

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by rabbitl1, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Which of the following has the best looking exterior in your opinion and why?

    For me, I'd pic the CTS. I really like the evolution the styling has taken. It's bold, it stands out, but it's not too flashy. And it's the one that stands out to me as distinctly American.
  3. personally I like the Lexus IS.
  4. If the wheels are right, the Jag.
  5. ninth option x10 please
  8. Jag or Benz
  9. Benz out of those, Alfa 159 overall.
  10. What is it about the MB that everyone likes? Someone please enlighten me to it?
  14. Cadillac
  15. Question is if there really is such a thing as entry level luxury cars!?

    These are mostly just ordinary cars.

  16. C Class then the A4. They both look good without doing anything spectacular.
    Like some othere here, I'd take the Alfa if it was an option.
  17. The Caddy gets my vote, I love the looks of the new CTS. It's so much better than the old car that it's like night vs day. Second place would go to the new A4, that thing looks very sharp. I like the looks of the Acura and the Bimmer as well.

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