Exterior Styling Comparo: Entry Level Luxury Cars

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by rabbitl1, Oct 25, 2007.

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  3. Because it's everything the previous C-classes weren't, and looks way more solid than any of the other cars do. It actually looks like a Mercedes should.
  4. A4 then the C-Class
  5. WTF?
    0.37% Mercedes C Class

    For looks C-Class
    overall G35.

  6. broken option, DUH.
  9. That's not an S40, is it?
    Anyway, it was between the Volvo and MB for me, went with the Volvo.
  10. Yes it is.
  11. nvm, didn't open the thumbnail, my bad.
  12. The jag. Imagine your in a meeting at night and it's raining. Then you roll up in your jag WHICH YOUR BOSS never saw and he just sees 4 XENON headlights beaming down on the road coming up to the parking space which is 7 feet away from the conference room which he sees through. I bet you'll get a promotion for class.
  13. double post...
  14. Haha, or the exact other way round with a boss that does know the Jag and thinks by himself "oh dear, my employee paid too much for what he got"
  15. I love the way the Lexus looks, I don't care who knows it.
  16. God that Lincoln makes me wanna puke.
  17. IS...it has a little more attitude. Everything else seems bland. The new G37 is unfortunately bland too...but otherwise amazing car.
  18. Audi, followed closely by Cadillac.
  19. 3er and C class
  20. Infiniti
    other: Saab
  21. A4. The current C is the worst looking one in about 3-4 gens in my opinion.
  22. Volvo S40 is a luxury car, eh?

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