Exterior Styling Comparo: Entry Level Luxury Cars

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by rabbitl1, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. The Lexus is so gorgeous..But if it wasn't about the styling I'd choose the BMW (335)
  2. The Lexus looks like a Toyota
  3. Cadillac or Lexus.
  4. Alfa Romeo 159
  5. im usually a bmw fanboy but the Benz is so hot.
  6. None of these are luxury cars, they are just ordinary cars.
  8. cadillac and audi
  10. I wish it was an option as without a shadow of a doubt I'd pick the Alfa 159.

    Anyways, the new A4, the IS and the CTS are the best looking cars here.

    The C-Class is boring as hell IMO, just like the 3er.

    For some reason I quite like the Lincoln as well.
  11. I would pick the Benz. From pictures I thought it looked retarded, but since I saw one IRL, I think its pretty brilliant.
  12. This.

    Though the Acura looks pretty good from the back too.

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