F-14, F-16, SU-37, F-35, S-37, F-22, or F-117

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  1. I chose the S-37 because it's the fastest, the most manerverable, and it has some stealth ability.
  2. what the heck!!?? How come there are 2 copies of this poll, and why did only the F-14 show up on the voting list??!!
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  4. the F22 is by far the best fighter in the world today
  5. I wish Northrops YF-23 had made it to service i think it was better than the F22 in every way possble except price. Locheed Martin Payed there way in to winning that competetion how do i know well lets just say its not there first time being corupted
  6. hello!!!! why did only the F-14 show up on the voting list?????
  7. Because SC.net sucks now. Get over it and on with your life.
  8. ok. but now you can only vote for the F-14
  9. Yes. But oh well, this will become a massive argument anyway.
  10. wait!! You can vote on the other copy of this poll. whew.
  11. first of all, this is really stupid. they are all in completely different categories. the f-117 isnt even a fighter at all. its a bomber. the other six are like comparing apples and oranges. the f-14 is already retired. it cannot take on the neweraircraft because of its outdated technologies. the f-35 isnt even able to be combat ready for at least a year or 2 and the s-37 is still in experimental testing. though the remaining three are all multi-role air superiority fighters, the f-16 is a single engine, light weight fighter. it is different from the the su-37 and the f/a-22. and between these 2 the f/a-22 would completely own because it is stealth, has a better range and can get very close to the enemy aircraft with its radar off and using its wingmans radar who is 100 miles away. this would make him invisible to the enemy. with that alone it would own like every aircraft out there.
  12. F-22 cause there hot
  13. And um...what was the question? Best aircraft? Sheesh...they're all from different classes...meant to do different things. BS comparison.
  14. I voted F-14.
  15. Was it really necessary to resurrect this thread?
  17. Because its the obvious choice.
  18. X-29 with two sidewinders and 4 amraams. X-29 is WAY out of the s-37's league in terms of manueverability just due to the size/weight diff.
  19. F-22
    Wright Brother's Plane.
  20. MiG-15 "Fagot"
  21. horrible thread.

    the F-22 is clearly the best but for some reason the Su-37 rocks my world.

    the F-117 is the most badass looking plane ever though.
  22. +1

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