F-150 or Silverado u choose

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by CJ4976, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. No one is arguing about the design.

    American parts + American labor = more American than Canadian labor + Mexican parts.
  2. Ura a DUmass!! Maybe It was tennessee and not kentucky, maybe I was wrong on that, but the Titan IS dumb, U know why?? Umm remember they constantly had the Titan commercials " Titan can Tow more than f 150", "Titan has more torque than F150" and what happened a week later?? The commercial completely stopped! I dont have written info on both cars torque, but I know that they were comparing the cheapest f150 vs the strongest Titan and Now they commercial are NO MORE!! because it was false Info, On top of that the Titan is not even a year old...UMMM F series have been around VERY LONG and have always BEEN the #1 selling Truck and the most relaible! Now lets see if Titan will sell more and be more reliable than Ford a few years from now, Its still new so of course they cant prove how relaible the damn jap truck is, As for Dodge being built in mexicant land, I dont care! Its still american parts and Like I said Dodge is the last American Truck On my list, But Its still American

    In Order Ill take my trucks


    No Titan or Tundra

    BTW IM no redneck U fool!

    amd The 5.4 liter Ford is better than the 5.6 liter Nissan and How I wish they still put 5.7 liter(350s) in The Chevy Trucks ...the GM small block 350 One of the best if not the best motor!!!

    God Bless Chevy, GM and Ford
  3. They just have a new generation of small blocks, moving into GenIV.

    They're awesome engines that are versitile enough to cover a whole slew of tasks GM made them for.
  4. STILL, I KNOW HE 5.3s(327) are good engines, (my suburban has one), But still the 350s/5.7 liter Gm small blocks are THE Best Engines Ever
  5. the titan does have more torque than the f150 and with the big tow package they are both pretty close. when ford was designing the f150 they gave everyone two specs they were shooting for, 9400lbs and 9900lbs. nissan shot for the 9400lb mark and ford snuck out with the 9900lb for towing. and the cheapest f150 has the 4.6 which doesnt have a chance of coming close to the 5.6. and you can get an ext cab titan with the 5.6 for the same amount of money it takes to buy a single cab 4.6 f150.
  6. 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, and 6.0 are all basically the same design.

    The 350 is the most universal engine, thats for sure.
  7. f-150 is much more reliable, and looks better. i just think its a better truck.
  8. Ill take the Sierra all day.
  9. Just because the 4.6 is smaller than the 5.6 doesnt mean its better or stronger, (the compression can make a big difference and so can forced air induction), Now In this case it is stronger(5.6 Nissan), But Like I said they raced the cheapest f150 vs the best titan...So they should race equal ones Even the 5.4(Ford) which is smaller than the 5.6(Nissan) will still tow more! Thats why Nissan stopped the commercial for false advertisement..The F 150 still Kicks Titans @ss and I dont car If Silverado came last place from all 5 trucks in a car and driver test, I believe, Its still my 2nd choice!
  10. The Titan weighsa lot less but that's a big part of why it feels sorta' cheap in there...
  11. You've never been in one.
  12. It isn't false advertisement. The Nissan makes 379 lb-ft, the Ford makes 360.

    In acceleration tests, the 4-door titan usually gets 0-60s in the low 7s, where the F-150 4-door 5.4 gets mid to high eights.

    And if changing the compression ratio and adding forced induction can make the 4.6 stronger, why the hell couldn't it do it for the titan?
  13. maybe if they had a half decent engine for towing in a 1/2 ton. the other three have hte 5.3 trumped by over 75 ft lbs or at least close to it.
  14. i vote chevy
  15. Silverado SS? Not really competing with the F-150.
  16. Chevy dosent have a chance. They have old borring body styles with too much plastic cladding, underpowered and historic 5.3 and 6.0 V-8's. Smaller towing and payload capacities. When compared to the new F-150 it looses in nearly every camparison test.With the new F-150's interior and ride that rivals most luxury cars and has enough power to tow just about anything no wonder it is the truck of the year and it has the sales to prove that it is still on top. The F-150 is Ford's backbone and since it has a history of being the most proven and reliable truck it will continue to lead the industry for many more years.
  17. No, GM's 345 Horse 380 pound of torque 6.0 liter V8. You can get it in a half ton or 3/4 ton truck. Sorry, I ment LQ9.
  18. Underpowered?

    Lets break this down here:

    GM Engines:
    4.8L - 270HP 285TQ
    5.3L - 285HP 325TQ
    6.0L - 345HP 380TQ (H.O.)

    Ford Engines:
    4.6L - 231HP 293TQ
    5.4L - 300HP 365TQ

    Just where is GM outgunned?

    The F-150 is on par with the Silverado in reliablility, its always been about like that. The new F-150 is better in ride and overall quality.
  19. no you can get it in the 1500HD, which is a 3/4 ton.
  20. I forgot, GM #$%#ed up the system.

    Well I guess I'll answer that with...if you need a tow vehicle why would you get a 1/2 ton in the first place?
  21. Average sized 5th wheel?
  23. They're almost the same size.

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