F-150 or Silverado u choose

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by CJ4976, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. How? I'd say they're equals. THey each excel in different areas.
  2. yeh dont forget that you have to spend quite a lot to get that 6.0 since the 1500HD costs a mint. you can get the 5.4l in an XL f-150. Will the new hurricane get put into the f-150 or is it an HD motor?
  3. But the HD can haul and tow a lot more.
  4. Titan is new, It doesnt havce a record of good or bad, However Ford is the most durable and best for me and for years it has been the Overral Best, Ill just stick t American Trucks thank you and Buy AMerican, I know Titan is made in USA, But Ill still take a Ford
  5. it should since its a 3/4 ton. will it outtow an f-250 with a 6.0??
  6. The Ford is new.
  7. Oh ya Ford F series are new, what was I thinking?
  8. The HD can't tow more than the new F-150. My neughbor has a 1500HD and it is rated at a 7700 lb tow rating where the F-150 has a tow rating of 9600. The F-150 is just an overall better truck than the 1500HD especialy when considering what you have to pay for to get an HD
  9. However it is based of about 80 years of building trucks.
  10. Nissan has been building trucs since 1959.
  11. But not in this same classification and market.
  12. So? It's not like a newcomer can't be as good as the established competition. Look at when the G35 came out.
  13. Im talking about the Titan Being New, Plus Ford has had Trucks Longer!
  14. The Titan is ugly.
  15. So is the silverado.
  16. Silverado is better than the Titan, because I trust Chevy more than I trust nissan
  17. Awesome reasoning! But really, the Silverado may have a really boring design - but the Titan sure is ugly.
  18. I second that, as well as 3rd through fourhunderd one
  19. Well you missed it so I guess I'll let you in on the brutal sarcasm intended with the whloe "Awesome reasoning" comment.
  20. maybe U missed my sarcasm as well
  21. Yes, and the G35 is based upon quite a few decades of automotive development. Production of such a car was nothing more than a cululation of stuff they have been doing for a while. The Titan on the other hand is something totally new.
  22. I choose Ram
  23. Go Redneck!
  24. Yes, it can. Your neighbor has the 3.42 axle ratio, the 4.10 axle ratio is rated for 10,500 pounds.
  25. Go bukkake warrior!

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