F1: Alonso wants to help Massa

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    Looks like Fernando really wants a drive with Ferrari


    Fernando Alonso has vowed to help Felipe Massa beat his former McLaren team-mate Lewis Hamilton to this year's World title.

    Last season Alonso, then driving for McLaren, was the one involved in a title battle with Hamilton, which led to a great deal of rivalry and animosity within the team and Alonso's subsequent departure after just one year.

    This year, though, it's Massa whose locked in the title race with Hamilton, with Alonso vowing to do all he can to help the Ferrari driver beat his former team-mate.

    "Yes, no doubt, if I can help, I will help Massa," Alonso told AS newspaper.

    As for this year's Championship battle the Renault driver concedes that either driver has reign supreme as both Massa and Hamilton have lost points to each other as well as others during the course of the season.

    "They have lost a lot of points," Alonso said of the title rivals. "After 16 races the leader has 84 points. In 2006 I had 82 in nine races.

    "In this Championship the drivers who are up there have scored few points. But in the end the one who makes the least errors will win. We'll see."

    With a total of 20 points still to play for Hamilton holds a five-point advantage over Massa.
  2. " But in the end the one who makes the least errors will win. We'll see."

    Or was that supposed to be:

    "But in the end the one who doesn't get taken out by me will win. We'll see."
  3. ^ it's not MS we're talking about here <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>
  4. Now THAT is a BS comment. Wtf does he think he has to do with the title fight?

    Anyway, it probably won't matter since the two of them will be much farther up the grid.

    ™ ™
  5. Last two races showed that isn't necessarily so...
  6. Tell that to Damon Hill
  7. What I tried to say is that FA doesn't "ram" while MS does - JV can vouch for it too. We're saying the same lol.
  8. "Looks like Fernando really wants a drive with Ferrari"

    Or he really hates Hamilton, and would do anything to see him beaten.

  9. Well it's impossible for the #$%#2at to be in the limelight for two consecutive races without exibiting his slimyness to the world.

    He just feels the twatness burning inside him and so he must demonstrate that his is still as revolting as ever.

  10. Which is awesome/funny.
  12. Exactly what I was gonna say.
  13. First of all I'd like to actually hear this quote....you people believe everything you read. Alonso is always fair on track, he would not take out a competitor like MS.

    Second, Hamilton is an @rsehole and deserves to lose.
  14. More like FagmanReturns.

  15. ALOLnso back in sucktion, Fagman back in action...

  16. This is the first thing I've liked something about Alonso.
  17. I actually see something I like in Alonso's attitude.

    He hates Hamilton and wants to ruin his chances, this is a good thing.

    Go Fernando Go!

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    He'd rather see Kubica take the championship though, which is about 10x better imo


    However, Alonso also moved to play down his potential role in deciding the championship, confessing that the man he would most like to see win would be outsider Kubica.

    "I don�t think that I will be a key part of the championship. Whatever driver wins will win because he won the last two races or did a better job than the other one, so that�s all,� he added. �You can take whatever you can from my comment but it is very simple.

    "My best relationship for example is with Robert. I would like to see him winning the championship but I know this is quite difficult because I think the performance etc it will be difficult to recover 12 points. I will do my own race but after all, when you finish the race and see the results, you prefer some drivers to win or some teams to win compared to others.�

  19. he talks way to much
  20. there was an audio clip of it played right before qualifying for china started
  21. Speaking of McLaren, Kovaleinen was smoking like a sin at the start..wonder if Hamilton's car will do the same?
  22. alonso is the biggest knobcheese in f1

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