F1 designers reveal 200mph supercar

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    A 200mph supercar with a race-style carbonfibre chassis and suspension is planned by a consortium of F1 designers. Called the MB Roadcars EOS, the 500bhp V8 three-seater (McLaren F1-style one-plus-two) will be unveiled as a scale model at next month’s Autosport International show.

    Conceived as a limited run of no more than 20 cars a year with a price of £300,000, the EOS will be aimed at super-rich enthusiasts who buy cars such as the Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT and Pagani Zonda. ‘There’s clearly a market for this type of supercar and we think the EOS looks distinctive and can be a success,’ says Michael Blaize, the 31-year-old French founder of MB Roadcars.

    Blaize designed the EOS – short for Exigence Of Speed – in his spare time while working as an aerodynamicist with a leading UK F1 team. He claims it features an aerodynamic package that eclipses that of models such as the Carrera GT. ‘I’ve seen their numbers and ours are better.’ Two other F1 engineers are designing the carbonfibre tub chassis and wishbone suspension with inboard spring and damper units.

    Blaize is hopeful of attracting funding from a rich backer, probably from Asia or the Middle East.

    So far the EOS exists in computer designs only, but a full-scale show car is pencilled in for next year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September. But MB Roadcars faces a huge amount of work to get its dream into production, not least finding an engine and gearbox capable of reliably delivering the targeted 500bhp and 0-60mph in 3.5sec.

    >>> http://www.mbroadcars.com/
  2. what a dodgy company. PLaying off the mercedes benz name and even stealing the Maybach badge and rearrangeing it. And talk about a dodgy website
  3. Haha ..there are pple on here who can do better CG !

    NAd yeah MB is a lousy name. EOS is even worse..remings me of a Camera .
  4. bet it'll never see production.
  5. it means Exigence of speed....urgency of speed basically...which is stupid.
  6. The page didn't even load for me.
  7. This EOS looks too much like an Enzo
  8. Yes i read that . The meaning is stupid and the name is too.
  9. The car is stupid.
  10. with MB in it's name for sure
  11. 3 seater supercars are not stupid, even if everything else about them sucks.
  12. The idea ofcourse is good. This current actualization isnt. Being a true fan of the McLaren F1 I'm not really looking forward to a replacement, if this is what they want to do. The successor to the McF1 will have to be another marvel, meaning the team behind it must put in 110% just like they did for the old one, Gordon Murray must be at the helm of the operation too, there would be no other way. Alas thats only a distant dream.

    A totally different machine yes, with some of the old/new ideas would be appreciated(ie. center seat ala F1). Some sort of SLR stripped, cockpit moved forward to adjust a Mid Rear configuration. The purists with money, ahem, dont want wood in their hyper cars. Also if Mclaren could find a naturally aspirated power plant to produce over 600bhp, pref. an old F1 engine that would also be ideal. Im fed up with the Mercedes AMG 99999.999999999 L supercharged rubbish(I cant complain about that Meserschmidt sound though :D ). Mercedes can also make amazing engines no doubt, i would like them to start exercising that.
  13. this is in no way a McLaren successor and really shares little heritage with the besides being F1 rooted (but a lot of supercars are) and being a 3 seater.
  14. it has passion.
  15. wht is mb???
  16. I'b be stoked if Adrian Newey was working on this project. But then again, maybe not because he needs to be designing the MP4-20.
  17. Meh. Even the website looks amateurish, and the car model looks like it was lifted out of NFS3 or something. They have a long way to go.
  18. exigence of speed... haha
  19. NFS3 owned your face though, this does not.
  20. Ugly as hell. Try again.
  21. Stop saying dodgy.
  22. I want one. That car looks good, I'm not sure what the performance will be like but I'm sure that it'll be plenty quick for my tastes.
  23. Mercedes-Benz
  24. oh,that's very ugly

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