F1: Ecclestone confirms French GP deal 'done'

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    Bernie Ecclestone on Sunday confirmed reports France is definitely heading back to the F1 calendar.

    Reports earlier this weekend said authorities had "finally agreed" a figure for the sanctioning fee with F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone.

    It is expected that the Ecclestone-owned Paul Ricard will share an annually alternating grand prix date with Belgium's Spa-Francorchamps, beginning in 2013.

    "Yes," the 81-year-old Briton told French daily L'Equipe in the Bahrain paddock on Sunday.

    "The deal is done," said Ecclestone.

    "We agreed the financial terms with the sports minister David Douillet, in my office on Tuesday.

    "We are still discussing a few things about money: 'You give me this, I want that'," he added.

    "But, for me, there is no doubt, we will sign it now," said Ecclestone.

    He said the outcome of the forthcoming presidential elections in France will not spoil the deal.

    "Whatever happens, I don't care," said Ecclestone. "That's a local issue that doesn't concern me."

  2. WHY

    why the #$%# is he alternating it with Spa?! #$%# sake

    why not get rid of one of these shitty middle eastern/spanish/tilkedrome circuits instead

  3. because the middle east people have the money to waste and belgium and france do not.
  4. US should invade these middle east tilkedromes and turn them into airfields
  5. Agreed! #$%#ING BULLSHIT!
  6. Paul Ricard is shit.
    Is this just him getting more money before he dies?
  7. Pretty much. Especially since he actually owns the circuit, he doesn't have to pay anyone to race there except himself.
  8. f1 is so horrible now
    wow mark webber got pole position and he stayed in first place the whole race how exciting such a close race because his second pit stop took 7.4 seconds instead of 6.1 he took in 14 litres of gasoline
  9. Lol. The #$%# is this guy?

    F1 is having a great and incredibly unpredictable season so far.

    Back to your trailer home ol' boy.
  10. trololol
  11. Dont bite

    Paul is the sc.net resident idiot

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