F1 Jerez Day 3 - Alonso's first test for McLaren

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by 01246579, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. no need to type like a fcukwit

    he shouldn't have been beaten by a rookie, so it just shows how quick Hamilton is.

    How often do you think Hamilton has driven the car? I be willing to bet it's not enough to overcome Alonso's experience/talent

  2. He shouldn't have been? Sounds like you know more about what they've been testing than we all do here. Do tell.
  3. he's Alonso, he's supposed to be the best driver in the universe, at least according to JagMan, and he gets beaten by a rookie, they probably weren't testing all that much anyway if it was Alonso's first time in the car, they were probably just getting him used to the team/car
  4. The new Super Aguris are the 2006 Hondas.
  5. *spoken in yoda voice*
  6. Its the stig!
  7. oh shut up u loser. u never showed MS any respect despite the fact that this twat alonso cant even stand in his shadow....so stop crying u little sh!t.
  8. alonso is a drama queen and will soon get his thrid stike and get kicked out of F1.

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